The question on what to talk about with a girl you like on the phone has no exact n answer since there is not a single topic that consistently pique the interest of every girl. Just like boys, they are naturally diverse so a good topic for a conversation will consistently change from time to time. Still, men can figure out topics to make up a good conversation by having a good enough grasp of the girl’s personality. Men should at least know the girl’s interest to serve as basis for a good conversation. Those brief face to face encounters that you have had with the girl might be of great help.

One very important rule you should put in mind on the dilemma on what to talk about with a girl you like on the phone is to never let the girl choose the topic of your conversation. This is a big turn off among women as this gives her the impression that the man is not mature enough to make up his own mind. It also says that the man is not confident enough to think that he is able to lead and carry a good conversation. Asking the girl for a topic to talk about is pretty much letting her take the lead on the entire conversation. She can do everything at will - she might even hang up on you.

One of the good things to talk about with a girl is her hobbies. If you want her to get to know her a little better and deeper, then ask her about the things that interest her the most. Make sure that you have a good idea or background of her hobbies so that you are not left dumbfounded on what she will be talking about. Once you have opened up a topic that pertains to her passions; then you can get her to talk for a long time. In turn, you are able to get to know her more.

Topics pertaining to her job might not seem like a good idea. You might bring out her bad side what you steer your conversation to her hectic work schedule or her monster boss. However, it might be a good idea to talk about it. You can very well make this as a subject of the funny topics to talk about with a girl. The key in doing so is to make sure that you pick out parts of her jobs that she likes. Ask her more questions with regards to these aspects. You can even gather information with regards to her future plans as far as her career is concerned.

Another example of many things to talk about with a girl is pop culture. This is a very easy conversation to get into since everyone is pretty much well aware of the hottest music, movies, or books to date. You can ask her of her opinion with regard to the latest song on the airwaves right now or the blockbuster movies in theaters. You can even discuss movies and music on a broader sense and get to know more on her interests and peeves in this aspect.

The knowledge that there are no fixed topics to talk about with a girl is not a license for men to open up and talk about anything that crosses their mind. A good conversation is the one that is made of well thought of subjects that are designed according to the personality of the girl. The key in figuring out what to talk about with a girl you like on the phone is to have at least a small idea of what the personality of the girl is.