You have mastered the perfect way to approach girls, now its time to learn what to talk about with girls. You now have her attention and now she is waiting for you to say something interesting to her. You should already have ideas on what to tell her before you attempt to do the smooth talking. Then you would stop wondering how a guy can maintain a good conversation with that beautiful lady.

Guys should keep in mind that what you are going to say is not really important, but instead how you are going to deliver the message. In most instances, the content is more important. Imagine this situation, you are going to introduce yourself to a lady and yet your body stance is all closed in. Picture yourself telling your name to the most beautiful lady in the room, full of confidence and chest thrust out. Can you see the difference, although you are saying the same thing it will have a different impact on her.

Aside from having a powerful voice, it is also important for guys to be passionate when they speak. If the girl sees that you are very much interested in your conversation, she is most likely going to listen to what you have to say. Girls would feel that you are inviting them to your world whenever you speak about something with so much conviction. It will show that you are not just trying to seduce or impress her. She will see your genuine honesty if you are passionate with the things that you talk about.

What are the best topics to talk about with girls? Usually, girls are interested to talk about their emotions, relationships and other real-life drama stuff. To capture the girl's interest, you can use pickup lines related to this topic. Nonetheless, there is no sense talking about a friend whose girlfriend cheated on him if you would not listen to what she is going to say about this topic. You can use her reply to know what interests her and to shift into another conversation topic. There are endless possibilities if you talk about relationships and you can steer it to a direction that you like.

To have a good sense of humor is very important, no matter what topic you talk about with a girl. If you can give her a good laugh, your interaction will be much easier too. However, be careful not to throw joke one after the other; you should know when and how to deliver a good joke. Do not be a trying hard joker with all your fancy antics, this is a big turn off for girls. A girl would be interested in a guy who has the ability to see something fun on the things around you. If you think that a joke is just too funny not to be shared with other people; then by all means share it.

If there are topics that you have to master when it comes to what to talk about with girls; then you must also be aware on the things that should not talked about. Getting to deep and personal with the girl that you just met will creep her out. For example, you should not talk about politics, religion nor about euthanasia with someone you just because you are trying to gauge your how passionate she is with her partner. So for gents out there, as you prepare your openers; be prepared with your conversation topics or on what things you should talk about with girls.