If you are walking in the park and just happen to see the most stunning girl that you have ever seen, then you will most likely benefit from effective tactics on how to approach a girl you do not know. At times, approaching the girl is not the only problem; you will also have to learn how to start a conversation, what topic to talk about, and how to keep it going to give attraction a chance to build up. If you are able to execute these tasks, you will most likely end up with her phone number and, hopefully, a date Friday night. 

Looking in the basics of approaching a girl - and a total stranger at that - you might find that it is really not that hard. The key to a successful undertaking is taking a good hold of your nerves. It is not a rarity that guys will have some awkwardness and nervousness when faced with such task. However, you should be able to properly mask this so that all that the girl will see is a guy that is very sure of himself and his actions - a big turn on. You should be able to conquer these fears with some simple techniques.

The first thing that you will need to do is to work on your anxiety. If lack of experience is the culprit for such problem, then you will highly benefit from practice. Go up and talk to a girl in environments where it is easy to do so. Two of the most popular ones include parties and even in classes. When you get the knack of it, move on to more challenging places such as bars, gyms, and cafes. While rejection may be a part of the lot, many guys are afraid to face it so they end up not trying at all. Note that the more times you have been rejected; the bigger will your chances be at being a success.

Getting a hold of the things that you should be avoiding in approaching and conversing with girls will be a big help in boosting your chances at success in this endeavor. First of all, you should avoid getting physically too close to her and invading her personal space in the process. If you do so, she will feel threatened and leave you immediately. Start things relaxed and laidback instead. This way, she is more at ease in putting her guard down. Also, do not shower her with too much complements. If you see a need to do so, complement her on anything other than her looks. The line “You have beautiful eyes” has been used and abused. It would rather be interesting to say “You have a very interesting style. I like it.”

The typical way of approaching girls goes a little like this: the guy approaches the girl and says something like “You have a very beautiful face. May I ask for your number?” However, this old trick does not work anymore. Times have changed and a new batch of approaches has been formulated. One of the many ways is the indirect way of hitting on a girl. The line “Do you know where the nearest café is?” is a good conversation starter. You can also capture their girly side and ask “How did you find yesterday’s episode of Gossip Girl?” This will be good way to get her attention.

Approaching a girl may not come easy for many guys. There are a variety of things that you will have to take into consideration. You might face some rejections in the beginning but know that even the experts have started there as well starts from there. Besides, in the end, you will not regret the approaches that you have made. Instead you will regret those where you did not made use of the steps of how to approach a girl you don’t know.