How to talk to a girl on the phone is so much easier than doing it in person. This is especially true if you are highly attracted to the girl that is being referred to. In turn, seducing her and getting her attracted to you will also be easier. She will not have to see your fidget and tremble as you struggle on the right words to say to her. When you such thing on the phone, you can also almost say anything that you deem necessary and she will not have to see that goofy look on your face while you do so. Your chance at seducing her dramatically increases if you are able to execute the right tactics of seduction.

Before you even pick up the phone and initiate your power moves, make sure that you have the right goal set in mind. There are many men who would want to go through the entire thing in the hopes of getting laid at the end. This should not be your way of thinking, despite the fact that you will most probably be getting laid at the end. Initially work first on making the girl feel good about herself. Many of them are very insecure about a lot of things that they seek to find a guy who will be able to let them feel that they are beautiful. 

The next big mistake is that you rush into things. You talk to her on the phone then immediately start drilling her with private questions to ask a girl. To be an effective seducer in person and in other means, you will have to live by the old adage “patience is a virtue”. Slow things down and make sure that she is able to keep up with your pace. Going through things in a fast way gives her the message that you lack self-confidence, even if you are properly executing the right techniques in the right order.

Just because you are talking on the phone, many guys do not feel the need to take an effort in giving the girl attention. Even if you could not see her in actuality, you can still show that you are giving her the attention that she deserves by taking note of her non-verbal cues. This will not be through her body language and facial expressions. This time, you will take your cue from the tone of her voice. Her voice tone can say so much about how she is actually feeling. It can indicate that she is interested in what you are talking about or not.

Because many books and blogs say so, men are moved to believe that men will easily be seduced to those who possess power and money. This is exactly why many greatly place their focus on bragging about their fame and riches in the hopes of getting the girl that they want. This could work on how to talk to girls on the phone but not all the time and most of the time, only the heartless gold diggers will fall for it. Erase the notion that you will have to go through some sort of transaction to get your way with girls.

Properly phoning then seducing a girl should be little more of the ones just stated. If you have assessed you ways and found out that you are violating some - if not all - of the rules, then it might be about time that you redo your strategies. There might not be a solid blueprint but getting your way with women will always follow a similar pattern. How to talk to girls on the phone and seducing her should be a lot easier if you do so

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