Many guys shrug the thought of talking to a girl because they are afraid that things might take a turn for the worse if they do so. However, for as long as you know some tips and tricks to successfully do so; you should be able to fare well. Among the most popular places to get a girl, weddings are among the ones believed to be the best places to do so. There just seems to be something about this occasion that gets the female hormones raging. Other well-known places include dance clubs, supermarkets, bookstores, and birthday parties. But if you really think about it, any place can contain a hot girl or two; you just need to look for them.

The next step can be a big challenge for some. By now you should have picked a child. Because she will mostly likely be beautiful and hot, you are bound to have some competition. This is where the hard part is. You have to make sure that you stand out from all the other guys that are also looking to hit on the girl that has taken your eye. Unless you possess Hollywood star looks; you will have to rely on your appearance to make yourself more appealing.

Having a car is not exactly a necessity to get women but it will be a big factor that most factor in when looking to get a guy. Therefore, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it before going out. If you have big money to spend, get yourself the one of hottest cars today like a Ferrari F430, Bugatti Veyron, or Mercedes Benz SLR. With the increasing features that our cell phones contain, including the ability to tell time, wearing a watch might seem futile. However, it is a very good way to show off your personal style. Let her know of your impeccable taste by sporting a Rolex, Cartier, or Omega. Also consider your shoes. Women will always check them out. A Bally, Canali, or Gucci should do the trick.

Now you will move on to the third step which is known as the chase. Stop using the outdated and silly pick up lines. Focus instead of approaching her in a way that you are exuding a good level of confidence. No matter how nervous you are on the inside, make sure that this does not show as you approach the girl. Once you start talking to a girl, initially talk about relevant topics first. Talk about the current music that is playing, today’s popular movies, or even a common friend. Give her the impression that you are interested to get to know her better.

After spending the time with her, let her know that you have enjoyed hanging with her. You do not have to this in person. You can send her a text message that says “I had a great time talking with you”. You can call her up after two days and talk about your initial meeting. This will be the perfect time to ask her again on another date. On your next meetings, give her genuine complements that are entirely based on her looks. Tell her how funny she is or how well she picks her clothes.

If things go well at this point, you might have already gone out a number of times. Keep in mind her preferences on whatever aspect. This way, the next time that you encounter such choices, you will not have to ask her about it. Doing this lets her know that you are sincere and genuine with your intentions. Talking to girls does not have to be so nerve-wrecking; a sound mind and positive attitude should be all that you need