How to get a girl to like you in high school might prove to be more of a challenge for you. High school has always brought in notorious days in the field of dating. In this stage, girls have a tendency to be a little pickier than the usual as they try to fight their way to stay on top of the food chain. Of course, they would want to date a guy who will propel on top of their high hopes on a pedestal. Along with their choice of boys to hang out with, their clothes and friends can also say so much about their reputations.

It will be a big help if you look for more information about the girl that you intend to go out with. You might want to veer away from asking her directly about this early on. Save up such questions to ask a girl once you are already going out with her on dates. In the meantime, get to know her through other mediums. Today’s popular social networking websites will come in very handy. Look through her profile and get to know her likes, dislikes, favorite movies, favorite music, and so on. You can even ask her closest friends about it. However, make sure that she does not know about it.

In high school, a girl’s girlfriends are among the few people that she will ever get close with. It is for this reason that this is one factor that you should highly consider on how to get a girl to like you in high school. If you work things the right way, you could gain the friendship and trust of her friends who will help you with the ways on how to get the girl that you like. In fact, they could even just do the entire job for you. That is, if you play your card right and do ways that they will highly appreciate. Surely, they would want their friend to date a good guy for her own sake.

At this point, you should have mustered enough courage to ask the girl out. To take things the traditional way, pay a visit to the girl’s house and actually face her parents. Properly and courteously introduce yourself and let them know your real intentions with their daughter. Getting her parents’ approval is just as crucial as getting her friends’. You can also just ask the girl right out. If you can, make a big spectacle out of it, preferably in your school grounds. She will be greatly impressed that you have gone through such extremes just to get her to say yes. An added bonus to this is the attention that she will be getting from your schoolmates which she will most likely enjoy.

If you are more of the gutsy type, make the first move and tell her outright how much you like her. Otherwise, you will have to toughen yourself up and start taking the initiative. Girls, whether in high school or not, will surely appreciate such truthfulness and courage to be able to outright say anything. As you go on with your date, observe the ways that she responds with your words or actions. She might not say much but her body language can really reveal so many things that she could not speak up. Decode these messages and assess her true feelings towards you.

Sometimes, things do not always end in the way that you expect them to be. Should this befall you, you are better off finding another girl. Unless you think that there is still some amount of chance to turn things around; you should just find another girl to pursue. The ways on how to get a girl to like you in high school will really require you to be gutsy to show your real feelings and, in the end, be a man to actually accept how things turn out

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