Are you a newbie in the dating world who wish to know how to talk to girls at parties? Are you in need of something to help you get through this seemingly difficult ordeal? You might have said yes to these questions but if you have any reservations to do so, everything will be futile. While it might be normal for a guy to fear the possibilities of rejection, mockery, and humiliation; you should be able to remove all inhibitions and try your best to look as confident as possible while going through these simple steps. Note that awkwardness and fear are major turn offs among women.

As soon as you get into the party and have found the girl that you wish to talk with, initially ignore her first and focus on mingling with the other people that are in the event. It is a part after all and you should be associating and meeting new people. If you appear that you are the fun and friendly guy that you are trying to portray, she is bound to notice you. Every girl would want to be associated with a guy who is well-loved by everyone. This portrays a guy who is on top of the social status. Note that women are not after the money a guy has on his bank account. A guy with good authority ranks higher than this.

Gone are the days when guys will have to exert so much effort when it comes to pleasing girls. Today, it is all about teasing them. Manipulate them in a way that they will want you more by the end of the encounter. To do this, approach her but do not linger. Tell her beforehand that you are simply meaning to ask her a question, get it over with, and leave. This way, the girl is left to wonder: Does he like me? Then why did he immediately leave? Was I not interesting enough? This challenges the girl to pursue. Now you are turning the tables.

Take this as a sample situation. Approach the girl and tell her something like this: “Hi, I do not intend to stay long. I just wanted to ask if you live anywhere around here. You are very gorgeous and it would be impossible for me to not have noticed you here before.” She will then answer with a “Yes, I just live around here. I just do not go in this place that often.” After this, thank her for your time and then immediately leave her hanging. This will leave her astounded and dumbstruck as to what why you immediately left that they just had to know.

As soon as you have gone through the first step which is to mingle with the other people in the party and to completely ignore her; place the spotlight on her this time and allow her to talk about herself. Ask her relevant questions to ask a girl to get to know her more. Once in a while, momentarily look into her eyes to build up attraction between the both of you. How to talk to girls at parties is best executed when you make use of neutral openers. It will help in sustaining the conversation.

This tactic is not really guaranteed to work on every single girl. However, this will be a good slate to start with. As you go on using this to various types of girl personalities, you should be able to adjust and manipulate the steps accordingly. This simple trick on how to talk to girls at parties will provide beginners something to practice and hone with.