The ways on how to talk to a girl is not that hard to know and master. While any man can just talk to any girl; it is not a rarity that they would feel jitters talking to a girl that they like. You might find it quite a mystery that your tongue gets tied and your brain is suddenly stripped of anything to say. These instances could actually take a toll on you as you lose any chance of the girl being attracted to you. Here are a few effective tips on how to talk to girls that will hopefully propel your chances at scoring a date upward.

If it is at all possible, never ask the girl close-ended questions. These are questions to ask a girl that are merely answerable with a yes or no. Unless you intend to do so, this would be a great way to kill an otherwise good conversation that you should be having. Make use of opened questions that will allow her to expound and explain on whatever her answers are. Ask for her opinions and view with regards to a certain subject or issue. This will give you a good medium to think up and smoothly move on to another interesting topic that you can discuss next.

Most guys who talk to a girl that they like are always out of words on what to say next. This will lead to them responding to the things that she has to say with a “that’s good” or “that’s great”. If you are one of these guys, know that such responses will do you no good. In fact, it will not take you anywhere. Remember that a conversation should be two-way. Therefore, as the girl shares her views and opinions with you. Give yourself the opportunity to share yours too. Whether this might go or contradict her outlooks, it will be a good way to start getting another topic to discuss from there.

Just because you are looking to impress the girl; it does not mean that you will have to agree with everything that she has to say. Two people having the same way of thinking is just not possible. Allow yourself to open up to her and let her know those aspects where both of you seem to clash. Never agree with her opinions just because you want to please her. Note that a girl will always be attracted to a guy who seems to be so sure of his self; this includes his outlooks and stance over a particular issue. This shows off a confident person that is stands up on what he believes in.

Never hesitate to be flirty at some points during your entire conversation. Talk about the light topics to talk about with girl and inject some fun and teasing in the right places. There are so many ways to do so and it will highly rely on your creativity and way of thinking. Make sure that you test out the waters first before you try anything too daring. You might risk getting the girl offended and walking away from your conversation.

Never give her too much attention. There is something very exciting about showing so little an interest at the beginning and then slowly letting it out as you get to figure out that she is interested in you too. If you show a little hesitation or doubt with your feelings; it will create an attraction between both of you. The ways on how to talk to a girl is all about teasing her, arguing with her, and then praising her.