Some guys are just naturally born with confidence and the skill on how to talk to a girl for the first time. But are you that lucky guy? Being rejected doesn't mean you're less attractive. Maybe you're just doing things that repulse girls because you have been misled about what they really want to hear. Here are some secrets every guy should know about picking up girls. 

Most men don't realize that women like guys with high social value. Say in a bar, girls usually notice the guy who is making his friends laugh or engaged in conversations with other people than those who are just sitting alone scoping for a girl to pick up. It makes them think that this guy is popular so he must be really interesting to talk to. When you do walk up to the girl and talk to her she may have already decided that you're worth it. But this tip does not apply to all cases, only when you are in a crowded place where many other guys are picking up girls.

Next tip for how to talk to a girl for the first time is to have a good opener or pickup line. It doesn’t even have to be incredibly smart or clever. It just has to be interesting enough to catch her attention then you can move on to the next topic. A great opener would be in a form of compliment because girls love being appreciated. You can tell her how good she looks with the dress she’s wearing and don’t worry about sounding gay because only guys think that way and you’re not there to pick up guys anyway.

When asking a girl a question, make sure that it is open-ended which allows her to give an opinion or share a story behind it. For example do not just ask where she lives; rather ask her what's so good about living in that place. If the question requires a simple yes or no answer, don't ask it at all. Girls love being asked for their opinion and it's a great way for you to get to know more about her too. 

Prepare to share your own opinion about questions you ask a girl. This way it doesn't seem like you're interviewing her and there is back and forth interaction. Ask questions wherein you can answer in a way that will let your good characters shine. However do not make up good qualities about yourself that you don't really acquire or it will be a cause of future difficulties. 

Being able to talk to a girl is useless if you don't follow up by building a bond with her. She might easily forget about you and chalk it up as just one of those random guys who like to flirt around with women. To be able to connect with her you need to find the things that you share in common so that you can find ways to meet on another time. Use these tips to learn how to talk to a girl for the first time and never get rejected again.