Seduction technique with a guy that they are comfortable with. Nevertheless, there are instances that the girl is not able to keep up or will not respond. A little more effort might still be needed. Sometimes, though, little tweaks on the ways on how to talk dirty to a girl over text will already cut it

If there is one type that men will definitely struggle when it comes to how to talk dirty to a girl over text, it would have to be those girls that are dubbed as the nuns. Just like nuns, they are very much suppressed. This might not only pertain to the sexual aspect but it could also include their physical and emotional aspect. Most of these women have gone through something in the past and have found such suppression to be their refuge. If any guy has any intensions of seducing such a girl, he has to tread this road cautiously. These kinds of women can immediately put up walls of defense once they sense that some guy is getting his move on sexually.

Agenda chicks are those girls that seem to have every aspect of their life planned out. They have gone down to the very specifics of how their home will be furnished down to the number of children that they would want to have. With this, they are also on the lookout for potential guys that will father their children. Any guy who will dirty talk with them should take caution since she might pull them in to be a pert of her plan. If he ever gets through her, ensure that he is not giving her any false assurance.

Girls who are thrill seekers are very hard to please. They are always out and about in all the hippest places and are always on the lookout to try on the most exciting things. Sex for them can very casual and are not yet entertaining the thought of going steady with someone. Also, they are quick to brand people are fun and boring. Therefore, a guy should let out his fun side and be her partner in seeking out the most exhilarating activities to get to. Guys will have to work hard to constantly get her attention, though.

There is a considerable amount of women that will enjoy moments of dirty talk. There are those, though, that will wait to do so until they can feel that the guy is worthy of it. However, there are really just instances that a girl will never respond. Guys might just have to work a little harder to get her. Sometimes, guys will just have to completely change their entire approach on how to talk dirty to a girl over text.