Getting your hands on a how to talk to girls book should give you the most basic pointers on the seemingly hard feat of talking and ultimately seducing girls. To serve as a booster, you should also educate yourself on the various personalities of women along with proven ways to getting your way with them. Each of these personalities is equally unique in their own rights and would therefore require an equally unique approach. If you are able to grasp each of them well enough, seducing them should not be that hard of a task.

The intelligent are those women that would want to take charge of everything. Aside from these, they tend to over think and over analyze things. In turn, even the simplest decisions are made bigger with too much hours of discussions. Most of the time, you are just left to let them be since you will never win with their arguments. Get your way with her by stimulating her brains. Talk about intelligent topics to talk with girls and constantly ask her questions about it. This will still work even if you are not equally as intelligent as she is by just asking her questions. Once you have opened up her brain, everything else will follow.

The slut is another girl personality that you will most likely meet at some point. Just as their name suggests, they are those that will most likely be just after sex with every man that they make a connection with. Seducing them might not rake so much effort out from you. Still, make sure that you still go through the entire process of getting to know her then building rapport. They might be it but they also deserve respect. However, watch out for those that are too easy to get. They might just drop and leave you without any warning.

That one girl that you could not quite put a finger on is the tease. One moment they seem to be too into you and then they completely ignore you in the next instance. At the end of everything, they will leave you with one big headache because you could not figure out which direction they are going. They are this way because they are looking for validation that will boost their self-esteem. As they do so, they trample on the feelings of others and they do not care about it. There might be ways to break them down but you are better off just letting them go. The most extensive how to talk to girls book can only do so much.

Among all the other women, there is that one kind that men will fall on their knees for. These are the goddesses with their perfect face, hair, and body. They are very high maintenance and will most likely have every guy wrapped around her finger. Deal with this woman by teasing her. This girl is already an expert in hypnotizing every man with her beauty and you must not allow yourself to fall victim. Also, never give her complements. In doing so, she will wonder why you are not getting entrapped and will constantly seek your approval.

You might have been overwhelmed with all the personalities that you will have to deal with but this list is still very long. Just keep in mind that girls are very complex and understanding them will always be very difficult, if not impossible. You will just have to rely on your own. Even the tips and tricks found on the best how to talk to girls book is not guaranteed to always work.