As the saying goes "to each his own", some guys do not want to date strippers but others have legit reasons on why they should date one. Aside from the fact that strippers are attractive and hot, there are other legit and cool reasons why some guys want to date them.

Her hot friends. Birds of the same feather flock together, hence it means that she has a lot of hot stripper friends too. When you go out with strippers, you get to meet her hot friends too. Getting the chance to hang out with hot chicks will make you feel like you are one hell of a good-looking guy. As much as possible, learn how to resist the temptation of flirting with her stripper friends or else you will be a dead meat. Although it may totally boost your ego to be the cause of their rift, it is still not advisable to come between their friendship.

Men will envy you. A lot of guys would love to be in your shoes but you will get a lot of bashers too. You may get the feeling that all of a sudden a lot of guys were talking behind your back just because you are in a company of very hot chick. Whenever you are together with your stripper girlfriend, men everywhere will definitely ask why a hot chick like her is banging a dorky guy like you.

She has the experience. Most of these seductive strippers are being paid to look like you are going to have a great time in bed. Hot strippers are often referred as crazy girls who can get you crazy in bed too. Just enjoy your intimate moments with her, do not think how many guys were able to rail her.

She serves as your human backstage pass to different places. She can get past the velvet ropes without being stopped by bouncers. Most of the time, hot girls get to move to the front of the line and she is tagging you along with her. It will definitely work to your advantage because you do not need to worry about queueing in long lines.

Whenever you get into fight, she got your back covered. Having a real hot chick as your girlfriend will certainly get you into a lot of fights even if you do not want to. Nonetheless, there is really nothing much to worry about because she got your back covered. Some brave guys will be very much willing to help her in case she gets into deep trouble. She already got used to such situation hence she already knows what to do to get their attention.

These reasons may have convinced you that you have nothing to lose in dating hot strippers; now it is time to check some techniques on how to attract her to go out with you. There are more than hundred ways to help you learn how to seduce hot strippers too.