If you walk into a strip club and tell a hot stripper “This club sucks. Let’s head out somewhere cool,” you're not aiding your cause. The club may blaster, but that woman is WORKING there. She probably has friends there. It's a part of her life. In a way, you are insulting her by declaring the club sucks. In my opinion, there are four major things every guy can do to come off as a positive and exciting guy a hot stripper would want to get acquainted with better. 

#1: Act Thrilled 

It might appear to be a no-brainer, however it is not. If you go into a strip club, you’ll end up finding a lot of guys chilling out looking either overly serious or excessively stressed out (or worse, uninterested). A guy who’s beaming and laughing is always more attractive to the girls than a guy who’s hunched over his drink watching the sexy stripper on the stage. You want to convey that you’re in a great mood and having a fun time. Smile considerably. Be upbeat. Crack jokes. Tell everyone how great your entire day has been, and act like meeting the girl you like is secondary to everything else that’s happened to you. 

#2: Be Enthusiastic 

A strip club is not a place to be subtle or shy. It's a deafening and obnoxious place packed with stimulus of all sorts. If you wish to contend with your environment, you're going to have to be enthusiastic and outgoing. Calling attention to you is a superb thing. If you’re laughing inside them for hours a good time, which will infect those around you into having a great time too. You will end up being the center of attention and will also attract all the bored girls over to you, because suddenly you’re something interesting and worth checking out. 

#3: Be Open-Minded 

Most of the girls who dance in strip clubs have a wide array of values and lifestyles. If you're a really rigid or judgmental person, then you might run the risk of turning them off and ruining your odds of picking them up. Always keep an open mind when talking with dancers. Don’t say “Oh, I hate that,” or “I think this is stupid,” because the very subject you’re condemning could be something she’s passionate about or believes strongly in. 

#4: Be Adventurous 

Note that I didn’t say “be sexual.” If you attempt to talk dirty to a girl in a club, you’re going to be pegged as a customer. The girls are inundated with sex the minute they step into the club. You would like to remind them that there’s more to life than sex and you’re the pathway to that life. 

#5: Have A Life Outside The Club 

Remember that while you’re in the strip club, you’re in Stripper world. You’re participating in an away game in the other team’s home field. This puts you at an built in disadvantage. What you want to try to do is introduce your world into her world, and show how much better it is. Know that the whole concept of stripping is a form of entertainment. Strippers are performers, and they don’t see their lives as extravagant or exciting. They see the hassle they go through to look good, the cat-fights between rival girls backstage, the problems they may have with management, the creepy customers they have to put up with, any injuries that may be plaguing them, and the list goes on… Doesn’t sound so glamorous anymore, does it?