Different types of clubs attract various kinds of hot strippers and have different sets of rules and standards. I have been to numerous different clubs in many different states, yet surely that strip clubs, wherever they might be, tend to fall into one of three different types. 

By being able to recognize which of the three types pertains to a new club you are checking out, you'll at least have some guidelines as to what you can expect when you go there. 

Type #1: The "Show" Club 

Show clubs are definitely the easiest type to identify, since they normally have a very well kept building, and a parking lot full of new cars, which you'll notice even before you go inside the club. strip clubs appeal to upscale customers by giving them with something they can't see anywhere else live, incredibly stunning and sexy strippers

Type #2: The "Neighborhood" Club 

Neighborhood clubs are exactly that, smaller clubs which can be usually located outside the main business area. Neighborhood clubs attract neighborhood customers by giving them something, that is comfy and affordable. In neighborhood clubs the emphasis is on mingling, so the strippers usually aren’t big hustlers. 

Type #3: The "Sleazy" Club 

Sleazy clubs tend to be more difficult to identify since at first glance they may appear just like a show club or a neighborhood club. The obvious difference is that sleazy clubs interest customers who are expecting more than a “no touch” dance whether or not the hot stripper is a vision from heaven or not. 

Management will usually handle their dancers though, specially the 9s and 10s. Safety is likewise usually strong also, and it’s common to see bouncers with brass knuckles or collapsible metal clubs on their person. On the other hand, in sleazy clubs, security is primarily there to shield the club and club owner, not to keep close track of the hot stripper! 

Clearly there is tremendous earning prospects for girls in sleazy clubs, so cover charges, stage fees and tip-outs can be relatively high. Usually, the bouncers and occasionally management could possibly get kickbacks from the strippers who execute illicit sexual favors from the back rooms. 

Strippers who are more ready than most to keep the customers “happy” will do quite well in sleazy clubs. Hot strippers that are less willing than most will most likely not be pressured, on the other hand earnings will be disappointing. Also, in sleazy clubs, be prepared for almost everything to take place in the dressing room, private area, or perhaps the main club area. This consists of fights and police busts. 

Sleazy clubs are exciting if you’re looking for quick sexual gratification and are willing to pay for it. However, I would not recommend them if you’re looking to date one of several strippers. I say this because typically, the strippers in these types of clubs are more self destructive, messed in the head, and prone to disease than the girls in the other types of clubs. That doesn’t mean they’re ALL bad women, but just be extra cautious when dealing with a sleazy club.