Strip clubs are one of the greatest environments in the world to meet and pick up beautiful women. I learned this during my years living in Las Vegas. 

In Vegas, there are an endless variety of bars and nightclubs where I could go to approach and mack on "regular" girls, but I discovered that it's actually EASIER to build connections with very hot girls in strip clubs (and get laid) - IF you know how to get inside the "stripper mind" and push the right buttons.

But before I arm you with the techniques necessary to pull off a successful Strip Club Seduction, I want to share with you the #1 Deadly Mistake that men make when they're in strip clubs. This blunder completely destroys their chances of ever hooking up with a stripper outside of the club...

By the way, if you're content going to strip clubs just to hang out with your buddies, blow cash on lap dances, and ogle pretty women, that's fine. Keep acting like a customer. You’re donating to a worthy cause: strippers have mouths to feed, bills to pay, loser boyfriends to support, and cocaine habits to maintain. But I want to impress upon you that you CAN charm strippers into meeting up with you outside of the club and getting them into your bed - free of charge - if you simply start using the right tactics. 

Trust me, once you use these methods to meet up with a stunning stripper outside of the club, and bring her back to your place, you're never going to want to return to the strip club as a "cusromer" again. You will see strip clubs in a new light - instead of being a place where you spend your money only to be cock-teased, you'll see the strip club as a target-rich environment where you can meet, and charm, beautiful and exotic babes…and as an extra bonus, your friends are going to start looking at you as if you're some type of rock star.

Trust me, this is fun stuff. So now, let me reveal that BIG MISTAKE that I referred to earlier, so that you never commit it in a strip club again... 

The Number One Mistake that dudes make in strip clubs is behaving like a customer. The way the strippers see it, there are only two types of dudes in her work environment: 

1. Customers

2. Everyone Else.

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to completely avoid category #1, and always be firmly planted in category #2. I've hung out with dozens (probably hundreds) of strippers and exotic dancers, and they all share the same rule about "not going out with customers." However, if they classify you as one of the "other guys," they won't have a problem with hanging out with you away from their job. (As long as they think you're cool, and there's some chemistry and attraction going on.)

And just to set the record straight, let me tell you WHY strippers don't hook up with customers. It's not because it's against the "club rules" (although strippers will use this as an excuse when bonehead customers try to ask them out). And it's certainly not because they have some moral objection. It's simply because strippers earn their living from customers. And the BEST customers are the lonely shmucks who come back to the club, over and over again, to spend time with their favorite dancer. A stripper's "regulars" are her bread and butter. 

Now, if the stripper was to accept a customer's invitation to dinner and a movie, and she slept with him, do you think he'd ever come back to the strip club and blow his kid’s college tuition payment on a bunch of lap dances that leave him with nothing more than a throbbing case of blue balls? Of course not. He'd never spend another dollar inside the club, because he’d only want to see her outside of it. And she'd lose a potential revenue stream. 

So before we proceed, let me state this for the record: STRIPPERS DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH CUSTOMERS. If you behave like a customer, you won’t get stripper sex. Ever. 

Here are a couple of Strip Club Mistakes that are commonly made by customers, and which you must avoid: 

Strip Club Mistake #1: Not Behaving Like An "Insider" 

Guys who know how to successfully mack on strippers understand the stripper profession and their "hustle.” There’s an expression in the hip hop world: “game recognizes game.” You’re going to show her that you’ve got game, and you’re going to respect the fact that she has game, too. All strippers do. 

You can use this to connect with her. A great way to do this is to mention how you’ve dated a stripper in the past, or have a stripper friend. (If you don’t have any stripper friends or ex-girlfriends, don’t worry…you can make this stuff up. Strippers aren’t exactly known for being completely truthful, either…) 

You can say something like... 

"My friend Jenny was a dancer for a while, and just from talking to customers every night she became an expert in male psychology. She also became great at sales, y’know, how to close the deal...Jenny knew how to size up a customer in the first few seconds, know what he was looking for, and then she could push the right buttons to get him to relax and spend money. I can tell you're probably really good at the game, too." 

(Here, you're paying her a compliment, opening the gateway to a cool conversation, AND demonstrating that you're not like all the "other guys" in the club.)

I also need to mention, you should never refer to what she does as "stripping"; the correct term is "dancing." And it's not a "strip club"; you should refer to it simply as "the club."

Strippers get touchy about this stuff. Show respect, and she’ll show you respect in return. 

Next, during the conversation, show her that you've got experience in this world. A great way to do this is to mention a stripper you dated in the past, or a stripper friend of yours. (For the purposes of storytelling, your stripper "friend," in reality, could simply be some stripper you talked to during a previous visit.) 

Here’s another criminally stupid strip club mistake that is often committed by chump customers…

Strip Club Mistake #2: Trying To Be Her "Knight In Shining Armor" 

Most guys who spend a considerable amount of time in strip clubs have fallen into his mental trap: they meet a stripper who they feel they have a "connection" with, and suddenly they start thinking about rescuing this girl from her degrading, dead-end occupation and whisking her away to a better life. 

So they start telling the girl about how they can HELP her, and support her, and get her out of “the game.” And the whole time she’s nodding her head, while thinking to herself “this guy is a total rookie…I can definitely milk him for a bunch of dances tonight.”

Strippers will tell you about their problems, and how much they “hate” their job, because they KNOW that one of the classic male fantasies is rescuing a beautiful damsel in distress. But the reality is, no one ever forced these girls to work as strippers, and no one's forcing them to keep doing it. Not only do these girls choose to work at the club - in many cases, they actually pay for the privilege. (In Vegas, strippers will often pay the club a $50-$100 "stage fee" for the right to work a shift.) 

And all things considered, it's a pretty good gig. Don’t think for a moment that being a stripper is a last resort, and that they need to be “rescued.” Most of these girls don’t have a college education. They could be sweating over a hot grill at McDonalds making minimum wage, or they can cock-tease guys all night at a strip club and make six figures (while drinking and partying the whole time). 

So don’t fall into the “white knight” trap - it only makes you look clueless and desperate. Instead, use the conversational tactics in the Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction program to keep things flowing towards a meet-up (after she gets off work)…and then, close the deal and have fun. Click here