A lot of guys are very vocal about the fact that they want to date hot strippers. Unfortunately, not all of these men are quite successful in pulling it off. Strippers do not usually date their customers, but aside from that there are several types of men that they try to avoid dating. More often, men in general fail to realize that strippers can tell a lot of things about a guy based on the way he acts inside the strip club.

If you have not scored a date with any of these hot strippers, chances are you belong to the type of men that they are trying to avoid. You need to ask yourself the question whether or not she sees you as a potential bad boyfriend or not. It could be that you belong to this type of men that strippers avoid:

A creep. - Some men do not choose their words carefully. Do not even attempt to tell her that her man is so lucky because they do it all night. You will certainly get a slap on your face or the strip club bouncer will throw you out the door. She would not even think of going out with a creep like you. A little excitement can be felt at first, but as your sexual suggestions become unworkable, it may eventually scare her off.

A Control Freak. - Strippers can easily tell if you are a control freak or not; your words are usually her basis of judgement. Some of these guys would say things like, “if you were my girl, I will never let you do this”. It may sound very sweet and thoughtful, but at the back of her mind, she is already wondering what else you would not allow her to do. Being a control freak is only a step shorter than being a crazy jealous. If you plan to restrict her from going out with her girl friends or keeping her exes as her Facebook friends; then you do not stand a chance on dating a hot stripper.

Are you a deadbeat? She works hard for her money and you have no right to live of using her lapdance money. If you do not bother to tip the waitress or the bartender and you think that being inside the stripclub for free is cool; then you are certainly one of those deadbeat guys that strippers do not have plans of dating. Strippers could easily determine if you are a freeloader or you are big spender. Well, if you are this kind of guy, do not expect your charm to work on hot strippers. There are a lot of charming men who will be willing to pick the tab. Expecting her to pay for everything will give her the impression that you are a selfish guy and there is no chance that you can score another date with her.

If you feel that you belong to any of these category of men, it is much better to forget about dating strippers because you will certainly not get one. She may take of her clothes to earn a living but it does not necessarily mean that she is an easy girl. They do it because it is part of their job. Being a creep, control freak and a complete parasite will not increase your chance on dating hot strippers. Click here