I define a “date” as any time you meet up with a woman after the first time you meet her. Should you meet a stripper at the strip club and meet her a couple of hours later to have drinks, it’s a date. Should you call her and make plans to see her a few days later, that’s a date, also. 

With strippers, the best situation is meeting her after her shift in the strip club for cocktails. In those conditions, my success rate is incredibly high. However if that isn’t likely, I’ll make sure to get her mobile phone number to ensure that I can make plans to see her soon, outside the club.

Nearly all strippers take off a minumum of one night a week. Now, as much as dating goes, Rule #1 is basically that you need to forget about dating hot strippers in the standard sense. Why? As it puts you at a drawback. Whenever you take stripper out for that tired old “dinner and a movie” routine, you’re giving up your power. 

Chances are you'll likewise be saying to her, “I’m planning to get you out and put money into you because I want to prove that I’m worthy of being your boyfriend.” And then, all through the date, the guy sits like there attempting to resemble a “gentleman,” being thoroughly non-sexual and Uninteresting. 

These dates aren't really exciting for either person. The guy is worrying out in the back of his mind about whether he’s acquiring any action at the end of the evening, and the girl is wondering that the guy expects for this money he’s spending. Look, the end result is that dating strippers in this manner isn't successful.

I learned this after spending years taking women out for high-priced dinners. I’d get a kiss on the cheek at the end of the evening, and when I’d call her doing again I’d get some lame excuse.

However started out dating girls in a much smarter way. Therefore inviting them to join you on an activity you’ve already got moving and focusing on messing around with them and never have to spend much cash at all. “Hey, on Friday night I’m going to walk out for some cocktails at this very cool new bar where my buddy is DJing. Let’s meet there for Happy Hour.”

The simple truth is, I said hello to the DJ the last time I had been there and chatted with him for around 60 seconds. He’s not my “friend,” exactly. However it sounds good, right? Or, “This weekend I’m likely to check out this music festival. Come with me, it’ll be described as a blast.” 

You can create this date at a pedestrian mall, an art exhibit, a cool off-the-radar coffee shop, the dog park, whatsoever. Let the creativity flow and try to tie it into an interest that you share with her. Simply make it sound like something fun she won’t want to miss out on. Remember, you’re inviting hot stripper to come be a part of your world not trying to squeeze yourself into hers. 

How To Begin The Date 

The best place to start out the date is at your place. This may sound strange; you almost certainly think your home is where the date is hopefully going to end up at the end of the night time. But when you use my technique to get her to your place at the beginning of the date, it makes it much better to bring her home with you later. 

Let me explain. Once you speak to her to make plans, instead of offering to pick her up or suggesting that she meet you at the date location, tell her to meet you out in front of YOUR place at the designated time.

Present her with your address, point out that your spot is super-easy to locate, and let her know that the two of you can "roll together" to the spot. Then, at the end of the night, when it's time to invite her home...it feels to her just like a MUCH safer and more cozy scenario, because she's been recently there.