Now, you're in a strip club and tinkering on how to approach a hot stripper. Here is where Batting Practice is important to remember so that you can land yourself a hot stripper. This means having brief, friendly conversations with a number of different women or strippers while you scout out your options. Strip clubs are an excellent environment in which to take Batting Practice. In this place, there is a significant shift in power and dominance. It is the guys who are the commodity, who have the power to decide which women they want to spend time with In simple terms, no matter what may transpire, you're always on the winning end, and you will surely land yourself a hot stripper. This is also, why you should never be intimidated about going to a strip club alone.

When in a strip club, it is highly important to be vibrant, comfortable, at ease and engaging. You need to have excellent conversational skills. Practice makes perfect, and strip clubs are an awesome way for Macks of all levels to work on their game, test out new conversational techniques, and become at ease around beautiful strippers. If there is a specific club that you prefer, it is important to befriend the staff of the club and hang out with them. Intoduce yourself to various personnels, this will work to your advantage. Meeting the manager is easy. If it's a local club, don't forget to do this. Tell your waitress you need to ask the manager a question, and ask her to point him out approach her, introduce yourself and shake his hand, and tell him you recently started coming to the club and love the place. Lift his ego. Tell him you are impressed with how well run the place is, and how the dancers and staff are a lot of fun to hang out with.

Then tell him you are interested in possibly hosting a bachelor party at the club. Ask him if they offer any special “party packages”. And if it's possible to rent a private room. He will be eager to discuss the options to you. This simple, short conversation will ensure that whenever you come to this club in the future, the management is going to remember you. If you come back in the future and the manager ever inquires about your bachelor party plans, just tell him your buddy caught his fiancée screwing around with another guy and the wedding is off-but you appreciate him giving you the info. When you visit, staff members should know and greet you. This gives you high social value in the eyes of the dancers or hot strippers; again, nothing about you should indicate that you are a typical customer. 

When the door attendants greet you by name, and then the manager stops by your table to say hello, that is huge social proof in a strip club. If you have a strip club or two in your area that you like to go to, you must build this social proof.