Build comfort with them. When guys are in strip clubs, it is not typical for them to make a girl comfortable or at ease. They reek of horniness and desperation and can’t keep their hands off the girls. There is also a tendency that men get dominated by hot strippers. It is typical scenario wherein the night gets too costly. The stripper would never feel comfortable hanging out with these guys away from her work. You, on the other hand, are going to use techniques to make her feel comfortable with you. You’ll do things such as: 

1. Demonstrate that you’re not a “customer” by responding to her approach the right way.

2. Show that you understand her profession & her “hustle”-and you respect it.

3. Identify her “hidden talent” or the ambition she wants to pursue. 

4. Compliment her on qualities that most guys wouldn’t bother to notice about her.

5. Be the ultimate gentleman who can protect her. Be polite and corteous. 

Next move is to properly tease her in a non-offensive manner. In this stage, you “flip the script” and start challenging her (in a playful way). You ask her questions and make statements that make her want to show you that she’s cool enough, smart enough, fun enough, sexy enough, to be a part of your world. You’re going to frame yourself as a guy who knows a lot of beautiful women and is familiar with the whole “stripper game.” The real issue is, what makes this hot stripper distinct from other strippers around? 

Afterward, you need to escalate and intensify the encounter. It’s not enough for you to be the “funny guy,” the “smart guy,” or even the “cool guy.” You also need to avoid being too friendly. This won't yield good results. At the start of the interaction, it is extremely important for her to understand that you are not interacting for the sake of friendship. Get her into a sexual mind-frame where she is imagining what sex with you would be like. And then… 

You Close her. This can involve a few different steps with a stripper. Usually, the first part of the “close” is getting her phone number. The next step is meeting her outside of the club-either later tonight (which is the ideal scenario), or within the next few days. And the final step is getting her back to your place and screwing her brains out. This last step doesn’t necessarily need to take place in your bed. With strippers, there is limitless possibilities. There are various places to unleash the sexual drive, and this does not matter to strippers. The possibilities are endless when you master Strip Club Seduction.