Genuine Macks don’t view strip clubs through the eyes of the average chump client. They see target-rich surroundings brimming with hot, Macks also know these are amazing places to hone your talent and become comfortable flirting with 9’s and 10’s in other settings. 

Certain, the hot strippers want to get your money. It’s their work. This is why you’ve got a chance to flip the script, make them stop perceiving you as a customer, to make them play YOUR game as opposed to playing theirs. 

Put these Tactics to work, and you could build connections, collect phone numbers, and set up dates just as you'd probably at a bar. 

1. Go ahead using the right mind-set: armed with the conversation and attraction-building tactics you’ll learn in this program, you’ll possess an unfair advantage over 99% of the guys who visit strip clubs. And you know the girls are going to be pleasantly surprised (and impressed) once you start using tactics like “Cold Reads” and “Hypotheticals” to take the conversation into deep, unexpected areas that build her curiosity and interest. 

Then, when you finally start using the following group of tactics to create comfort and rapport, and becoming her to reveal details about herself that she would never share with a customer, you’ll be leading her down the path towards seduction. 

The truth is, sexy strippers devote the majority of their time having tedious conversations with guys who are fully predictable. Knowing the right tactics and when, and how, to set up them will open the gateway to much more. 

2. Whenever you enter the strip club, walk around with your head held high as if you’re close friends with all the owner and you’ve become the VIP treatment at this joint a thousand times. Never sit because of the stage or lurk around as if you’re unsure of where you can sit. Find a comfortable seat, settle in, and get totally relaxed preferably near a speaker. 

3. Whenever a hot stripper approaches you, don’t allow her to sit on your lap. Make her sit beside you. As this program explains, you need to immediately put her in the position of experiencing to “qualify” herself to you. 

Basically, you are the one who is not easily impressed! Then you’ll use teases, push-pull, story-telling, and a series of other tactics to give her the sense that you’re a playful, ultra-confident guy who clearly has his pick of beautiful women. 

At this stage, if you’re perched near a speaker (and this is why I advised you to sit near one), tell her “let’s move somewhere quieter, I want to be able to hear you.” This shows you value what she has to say, but most importantly, it’s another way to break her out of her sales routine and put yourself in charge of the interaction. 

Consumers wallow in it on their asses and let the sexy strippers stop by and work their routines on them; but you are selecting a place for the two of you to sit and vibe together. Bring her to another area of the club, and lead her there by the hand. Never follow her or allow her to lead you anywhere. Show dominant masculine behavior. 

4. Keep your eyes away from her body and maintain eye contact. Never comment on how good she looks, or how beautiful she is; if anything, downplay her looks a little and call her “kinda cute.”

5. Whenever she tries to go back into her “sales routine,” smoothly shut it down and switch the conversation to something different. Dancers, like used car salesmen, have canned routines that they use to make customers feel ready to spend money. 

When she asks you your name, or where you’re from, use one of the “deflection tactics” from the program. This will “short circuit” her routine, make her smile and laugh, and she’ll realize that she’s dealing with a confident, original guy who is not a typical chump customer. This is part of getting her from “work mode” and into “fun chat mode” where she gets real with you and where a real seduction can happen.