The fundamental steps of seducing strippers are: Develop comfort with them. In strip clubs, guys usually aren’t interested in making girls feel safe getting together with them. They reek of horniness and impulsiveness and can’t keep their hands from the girls. Or, they’re intimidated they simply follow the stripper’s lead, accompany her recommendations, whilst reaching into their wallet to fork over more money.

The stripper would never feel relaxed hanging out with these guys away from her work. You, however, are likely to use processes to make her be happy with you. You’ll do things such as: 

• Demonstrate that you’re not really a “customer” by answering her approach the correct way. (When she asks “do you want a dance,” you deflect it with all the correct tactic.) 

• Demonstrate that you understand her profession & her “hustle” and you respect it. 

• Recognize her “hidden talent” or the ambition she would like to pursue. 

• Compliment her on attributes that a lot of guys wouldn’t bother to notice about her. (Her sense of humor, cool personality, business smarts, etc.) 

• Present some chivalry small, courteous gestures that make show her that she’s in the presence of as “masculine protector.” 

Next, you’ll Tease her and make her Qualify herself. In this stage, you “flip the script” and start challenging her (in a playful way). I hear you ask her questions to make statements that will make her wish to show you that she’s awesome enough, intelligent enough, fun enough, sexy enough, etc. to be a a part of your world. 

You’re going to frame yourself as a guy you never know a lot of beautiful women and is familiar with the entire “stripper game.” Now you ask ,, what’s stand out concerning this girl you’re sitting with this qualifies her to be with you?

Next, Escalate and Sexualize the discussion. It’s insufficient that you should be the “funny guy,” the “smart guy,” or perhaps the “cool guy.” And simply being her friend isn’t going to get her in the sack with you, either. In order to move the seduction forward, you’ve got to introduce some sexual banter into the conversation and physically touch her (in a way that seems natural, not creepy). Get her into a sexual mind-frame where she is imagining what sex together with you would be like. 

And then… You close up her. This will involve a few different steps with a stripper. Usually, the first part of the “close” is getting her phone number. The next phase is meeting her outside the club either later tonight (which is the ideal scenario), or within the next few days. And the final step is getting her back to your place and screwing her brains out. This last step doesn’t actually need to take place in your bed. With strippers, you never know where a “sexual eruption” might occur. Back alleys, parking lots, nightclub bathrooms, elevators, abandoned buildings…the choices endless when you master Strip Club Seduction.