Take into account that when a stripper approaches you, she’s requesting permission to enter your space. You're the boss, essentially. When she starts going into her “sales routine” to try to get you to obtain a dance, don’t do anything whatsoever to encourage the part of her that is certainly trying to seduce you or sell you. Quite simply, don’t play along with her game. 

Make her play yours. Permit her to speak initially. After that deflect what ever she says and change the subject. Control the interaction. Another “deflection” tactic: Look at her, smile, and say “I don’t desire to be rude, honey, but you’ve got something on your nose (rub your nostril). She’ll immediately get self-conscious and wipe her nose. 

This really is efficient for “disarming” her and splitting her away from her sales routine. Let her know to take a seat along with you, then grab a napkin and lightly wipe away the “booger” (which isn’t actually there). Now go into leading the conversation. 

When a hot stripper you enjoy approaches you, don’t permit her to plant herself on your lap. Make her sit beside you. If she tries to sit on your lap, say, “Whoa, I’m not that easy have a seat, until we get to know each other a little better.” 

If she offers a lap dance right then, you never want to say “yes,” because then you’re framing yourself as a standard chump customer. But you don’t want to say “no” either, because then she’ll feel rejected or she’ll figure you’re a cheapskate who wishes to try to hit on her and never have to open your wallet. 

Don't offer to buy her a drink currently. (Keep in mind, you’re will make her believe that she earned it.) You want her to sit next to you to enable you to engage her in discussion and control the flow. 

Deflect, and get her to sit down next to you. I might say, “Have a seat, I’m sure your feet are killing you in those heels. The craziest thing just happened, you’ve got to hear this…” (A good “story” to tell: say that two of the strippers just got into a catfight outside the bathroom! Screaming, hair-pulling, hissing…it was wild…)

Once she’s sitting alongside you, you’ve reached take control of the dialogue, mainly because otherwise she’ll go into her “routine.” Strippers, like computers, operate according to a program. She essentially uses this same routine, or program, with every customer. 

Should you don’t control the dialogue, she’ll start asking you the standard questions (“So how are you feeling tonight,” “What’s your name,” “Is this your first time here,” etc.), in an attempt to build a connection with you and butter you up for a dance. “Short circuit” her program, and you’ll force her to engage in a real conversation. The most effective way to do this is to start talking about an entirely unrelated subject. 

One of the most successful sexy strippers are the ones who can detach themselves from their regular personalities when they start working and “transform” themselves into money-making sex goddesses.

The Mack fails through this façade and gets the dancer to reveal her true self, which he then builds a bond with. Instead of treating her the way every other customer does as a sex object you’re planning to build a connection with the person she actually is. 

Another reason that strippers don't wish to give out their first names is because of stalkers. If you are a stalker, read no further and seek professional help. Otherwise, read on but understand that anytime you’re dealing with a dancer, you’ve got to watch out for asking her to reveal sensitive private information.