It is quite difficult to tell whether or not these hot strippers are interested in you. It is because when you visit her in the strip club, she is not the "person" but you are actually dealing with her stripper personality. If you are going to compare the usual girls that you meet in the bar, these strippers know how to seduce guys. So you have to determine whether or not she was only trying to seduce you as the stripper persona or she is really interested in you. You have to look for these signs that will tell you if the sexy stripper or exotic dancer is indeed attracted in you.

She reveals her real name to you. Men should know that it is only normal for strippers to use another name if they are in the strip club. Normally, the name that she will tell you is actually her stripper name and not the real one. Stage name are being use for security purposes and for their safety too. If she reveals her real name to you, chances are she is already comfortable with you and feels secured and safe too. However, it does not necessarily mean that she is already interested in you romantically; it is somehow a good sign that she feels secured around you. You are a step ahead in discovering the real person behind the stripper persona.

She no longer ask you to dance. This is a good sign for you because she is already starting to get attracted to you. She would like talk to you rather than do more dances. She no longer sees you as a customer hence she already feels uncomfortable asking you for a dance. This could be a sign that she is starting to be romantically interested in you. You can confirm that she is interested in you if after dancing she goes back sitting with you once again even without any tip.

She would meet you outside the club. Every time you talk to her, mention how you want to meet up with her later. You are actually giving her hints on what you want to happen and it will come to a point that it will sink in her mind. Pretty soon she will be the one telling you to meet her outside the venue; you can proceed to acquiring her phone number afterwards.

You finally got her contact number. This is actually your primary objective in approaching her, you get her phone number and ask her for a date later. Once she gave her phone number to you, then it only means that she is really interested in you. It is because strippers only give their numbers when they are attracted to a guy. If you have successfully picked up a stripper then you can give yourself a pat on the back.

It may take a little time before she will find you interesting. It is not easy to make her agree to go out on a date with you sans her stripper persona. But the reward that you will get is definitely worth your effort. Your girlfriend knows how to turn on any guy There is no need to beg her to go out with you because you are on your way to dating hot strippers.