There are so many topics that you can take cues from in choosing questions to ask a girl. You will just have to consider the place, event, and the kind of girl that you are with and how your current relationship is. In order for the exchange of questions and answers to be a success; you need to be able to build good rapport with her so that she can trust you enough to share things about her and her life. This will prove to be very important on a first date as both of you are trying to get to know each other better and are trying to find common ground.

One of the things to talk about with a girl is the topic that concerns her family and friends. This will be a very easy and comfortable talk for her since she is already very familiar with these people. Some of the questions that you can ask her include “do you have any kids?”, “where are your siblings?”, and “how do you keep in touch with your close friends?” When you ask her questions about those people that play a very important in her life; she will see you as a sincere person who also cares about those people that she loves.

Her work can give you some cues on picking out questions to ask a girl. There are so many aspects about her job that you can talk about such as work hours, company policies, and her boss. Such work related questions include “what do you like about your job?”, “what is the most challenging thing about it?”, “why did you chose this career?” and “where do you see yourself five years from now?” Take caution, though, as the type of question that you throw out about her job might bring out the best or worst in her.

Topics that are closely related to her interests are very good questions to ask a girl, especially when you are still on your first date. These are the perfect questions to ask if you wish to get a glimpse into those things that she takes pleasure in doing. Know her hobbies and passions by asking her questions like “what do you like doing for fun?”, “where do you usually go for vacations?”, “what kind of music do you listen to?”, and “where would you want to travel to someday?” As you go on asking her; both of you are bound to discover common likes and even dislikes which is a good way to hit off.

Once both have you have grown comfortable talking and sharing things with each other; take your questions to the next level. Ask her about her motivations in life by throwing in personal questions such as “as a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?”, “in what part of your life were you happiest?”, and “how did you get into your current passion?” It is fairly common that she might not hold the best answer to a particular intimate question that you might ask her.

Note that a conversation is not a one way process in a way that you ask and she answers. If she does not make any move to ask you questions about yourself in an effort to get to know you better; have the initiate to share some information that concerns your family, friends, work, passions, and motivations. There are times when men will have to deal with a date that might have some difficulties holding up and sustaining a god conversation. Remember that your funny question ask girl do not turn out to be meddlesome to her life.

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