How to Get a Girl to Like You If She Has a Boyfriend: Be the Better Guy for Her

December 27, 2011
There might come an instance in your life when you ask: How to get a girl to like you if she has a boyfriend? This is that time when you think that you have found your perfect girl and you are crushed when you found out that she is currently dating someone else. If it has been days and yet you have not taken her out of your mind yet, ask yourself this: Is this because you are simply attracted to her physical beauty? Or did you feel that you have built a connection that you have never experienced with any other girl before? If you said yes to the latter, then let the girl know that you are much better than her current boyfriend.

Having a conversation with topics to talk about with a girl was never a crime to do with someone who is in a relationship. Therefore, you can easily do this to her and not blatantly be rude. The first thing that you need to do is further find out if there are any more things that you have in common. If you want to flirt with her, make sure that you are doing this subtly. You would not want her to think that you are a player and make her lose interest in you. You can do this either by talking about her current relationship or talking about your past experiences.

As soon as she is already comfortable talking with you, get to know the qualities of what she considers her ideal boyfriend. However, do not outright throw in such questions to ask a girl about these qualities. You can pick out what these values are as both of you go talking about it. Once you have gotten a good grasp of these things, think of the probable scenarios that you can showcase these qualities. You can either be the funny guy when she feels a little down or be the fun one who will take her to experience the most spontaneous activities.

Because she currently has a boyfriend, make these hangouts that you have look like a friendly one. She might be taken aback when she senses that you are already treating these interactions as dates. Talk about random things so she does not sense anything fishy. The key here is to be like her boyfriend, only a little different. She should see you as someone who is better than the guy that she is currently dating. This is the most important thing on how to get a girl to like you if she has a boyfriend.

The girl is bound to have some drawbacks with her currently relationship. Take advantage of these instances and be the person that she can run to for some time away from her boyfriend and the problems that they are currently having. Take her someplace and just give her time to relax and vent out. After she is done sharing her frustrations, focus on giving her a good time while she is with you. This might make her realize how better off she is with you.

The next time that you meet a girl that you like but has a boyfriend, ask yourself this question: Would you want to spend some time on this girl in the hopes of getting her or just move on to pursue other single girls? Yes, there are ways on how to get a girl to like you if she has a boyfriend but they always do not end in the way that you want them to.

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