Learning how to talk to a girl you like has many benefits. When you lack the confidence to talk to girls, you're going to have a very difficult time getting dates. If you are interested in finding someone special to spend time with, or possibly enter into a relationship with, you must learn how to communicate. For some, talking to a girl comes naturally. For other guys, however, the thought of randomly approaching a girl and trying to start a conversation is nerve-wracking. I'm here to offer a few tips that should hopefully make things easier.

First of all, your confidence level is going to play a large part in how effectively you talk to girl. When you lack confidence in yourself, it's very hard to mask this when you talk to women; it will be reflected in your tone of voice, and your body language. Your first step should be to work on placing yourself in high regard. You should truly believe that you have something special to offer women, and that girls are interested in what you have to say. If necessary, tell yourself this over and over again.

Before talking to a girl that you are interested in, make eye contact from a distance. The "eye contact move" signals to her that you have noticed her, and that she's on your radar. A quick glance is enough. Whatever you do, do not stare. Women enjoy being admired, but not stared at. After eye contact has been made, you should wait a little while before walking up to her and starting the conversation. You can use this period of time to figure out how you're going to open the conversation, and which topics you can transition onto. If you've read the book "Mack Tactics," you should already have a bunch of conversational routines mapped out.

A large portion of learning how to talk to a girl you like revolves around what to say to open the conversation. There is nothing wrong with making a simple introduction, although you can also learn a variety of clever, funny and effective opening routines from "Mack Tactics" and other books on pickup and seduction. As for what to say next, you can choose a topic based on the environment and the situation. You may wish to make a comment about the location you are in, comment on the fact that you noticed her, or if applicable, ask if you can buy her a drink. Basically, say something that would not be considered offensive, silly, or strange. 

Once you have broken the ice, be sure to ask general questions. This will show that you are indeed interested in getting to know her better. Listen carefully to her answers, and do not interrupt. If you seem rude, inconsiderate or self-centered, you won't succeed and you'll have to keep struggling to figure out how to make a girl want you. In a lot of cases, you'll only have a short amount of time to make a positive impression. Make the most of this time if you wish to be able to speak to her again. 

When she is speaking, make direct eye contact. This is particularly hard for those who are shy. Start paying attention to your own body language, and make sure you're not glancing around the room, staring off into the distance, or gazing down at your feet while she talks to you. If you are not looking directly at her while speaking, or being spoken to, this will signal to her that you are not interested. Even though you know that you like her, if your body language says otherwise, the wrong message will be conveyed.

As far as conversational topics you should avoid when talking to girls, there re only a few things that I'd consider to be totally off-limits. I would put sex at the top of this list. Unless the tone of the conversation is flirtatious right away, I do not recommend bringing up any sexual topics because they can quickly make a girl feel uncomfortable. Do feel free to talk about your job, pets, or family. And if you want to know how to talk to a girl effectively, here's another tip: keep the conversation moving forward, and into new areas, rather than staying on one topic for a long time. The chapter in the "Mack Tactics" book on "Conversation Control" explains the importance of keeping a conversation flowing into the right areas at all times. Having a few good conversation topics mapped out in your mind, before you start the interaction, is one of the keys to knowing how to talk to a girl you like.

There are very obvious benefits to learning how to talk to a girl you like. Practice does make perfect, and you may soon find that you can easily approach any girl and start a conversation. Once you have mastered this skill, you may find that forming new relationships is easier than ever before. Click here for more