Before we talk about the specific of picking up girls, let's start at the topand discuss the importance of looking your best. Here are a few tips that will help you look (and feel) your very best the next time you get an opportunity to mack on a stunner.

Hit The Gym

Spending an hour in at the gym will will have a more relaxing, confidence-building effect than any kind of drink or drug you could shove down your throat, and hey, training is great for you as well. Being a regular at the gym will result in you looking and feeling better, and consequently you'll be more attractive to women.

Work On Your Style

When you take care of yourself and are meticulous about the clothes you wear, you signal to women that you're a man of HIGH VALUE. Despite what you might think, women aren't searching for a guy they can turn into their next "makeover project". Wondering what type of clothes you should pick out for yourself? All you need to do is hit the department store at your local mall, and get advice from the cutest salesgirl. She's there to help...and hey, striking up a conversation with a sexy salesgirl is never a bad idea..


Practicing proper hygiene goes beyond taking a shower once a day and dousing yourself in deodorant and cologne. Those two work best in conjunction with an actual shower, so be sure to take one.

Make Your Arrival Early

If you're going out to a bar or nightclub, be sure to score some good "real estate" for yoruself. Depending on the venue (and how crowded it is), this could mean getting a seat at the bar, or a table in the middle of the action. Possessing a piece of "real estate" inside the venue where you can chill out in private (and host the gals you'll be partying with this evening) is a huge asset.

This will be your "safe zone" where you can feel in command of the situation. You can make trips out onto the dance floor or to other parts of the venue to meet girls, and you can always bring them back to your spot for a drink. As the night progresses, stock your table with a few cool girls that are cool to chill with. They'll serve as a "magnet" to attract other girls to your table. See & be seen, drink & be drunk.

Once you've staked your claim on that piece of real estate, get a feel for the place and the energy level tonight. Scout the rest of the venue; do a lap or two. Pay careful attention to the body language of the women who catch your eye. (For a full explanation on how to "read" female body language, read the Mack Tactics e-book.)

I've always found that a moderate amount of booze can add an extra layer of confidence to my game, elevate my verbal skills from Bush to Obama heights and put your comedy skills on a level remiscient of famous joke-tellers such as Dane Cook and Patton Oswalt. However, when you overdo the boozing, as in paying homage to Motley Crue's hard-drinking glory days, will only make you look foolisy. Your inner turmoil will come funneling as you're in mid-conversation with some hottie and your "clever" rhetoric will be decreased to a drunken blather, so if you're going to drink booze, know your limits.

Make The Effort

Whether your end goal is to score her phone number, a tour of her apartment or a hand in marriage, it is going to require work. The other option is another evening alone on the couch in front of an infomercial. Now, get off your duff and start punching the clock.

When you see a girl you're interested in, wait for the right moment -- like her standing at the bar next to you or taking leave of her 18 friends for two valuable minutes -- to seize it and tell her. You'll have to get past your "approach anxiety" in order to start seizing these opportunities. If you suffer from particularly bad approach anxiety, read the book Mack Tactics to turbo-charge your confidence around girls.

When she is within earshot and can hear what you're saying, you can make a comment about the environment...her cool necklace or tattoo...or some dorky-looking dude at the other end of the car who's been checking her out. Whatever yoru comment is based on, just make sure she understands what you are referring to.

I also want to mention, you should stop telling half-truths (or outright lies) to women in an attempt to impress them. There is really no need for you to mislead her about the car you REALLY drive or embellish the amount of money you make (which women see as a sign that you're trying to compensate for something else you lack -- i.e. penis size). Honesty might open more doors (and legs) than you think and also sends a subtle, yet discernible message that you are confident enough to not have to embellish.

Cultivate A Mysterious Personality

Women are intrigued by a man with mystique. Convey this aura by not revealing too much of yourself at once. Don't introduce yourself by name right away. Open her, use some of the conversational techniques in the Mack Tactics e book, and jack up her interest and curiosity before you tell her your name. Keep her guessing -- if she asks you what you do for a living, blow it off with a joke. ("I'm a lion tamer." "I'm an ass model." "I'm a professional gigolo." Etc.) Then direct the spotlight back to her by asking her a question. Likewise, you should spread out all personal information over time to keep her guessing.

Furthermore, you don't want to spend the entire night with her. We tend to think of women in terms of conquests because they often play hard to get, but you can make yourself the conquest by periodically leaving her side, revisiting home base where your friends are stationed or even flirting with a rival woman. When she perceives you to be a challenge, she's going to want you even more.

YOU Have To Make It Happen!

Willpower and persistence aren't enough to compel a woman to fork over her phone number, or drop her panties. The bottom line is, it's up to you to make things happen and lead her down the right path. Remember, you're not going to a bra burning rally; you're going to a club, where most of the women are expecting you to approach them -- not the other way around. The above strategies only work in tandem with a measure of brazenness, so remember to check your timidity along with your coat.

You aren't going to score with a hottie every time. Occasionally, even the best pickup artist winds up at a late-night diner wolfing down cheeseburgers with his buddies.Keeping your expectations in check, your skin thick and your sense of humor robust will help you get the most out of this game. Click here