As soon as the girl agreed that the two of you will go out on a date, make sure that you know what to do on first date. More often, you are overwhelmed by your emotions because finally you will have a date with the girl you desire. The overwhelming emotions will make you feel more nervous. To calm your nerves and minimize pressure; you may want to read on to get useful first date advice that may help you out.

Planning and Preparation Stage

Keep in mind that the person who asked for a date is the one to decide on what type of date it will be. However, if you just met her on speed dating; simply check out her profile to know more about your date. Her personal profile will help you decide on what to do on first date. You may come up with a couple of suggestions and then inform your date about it. In this manner, your date will have an idea on what to expect during your first date. In case she does not like your first date ideas, make sure that you ask her for some suggestions.

Your first date does not need to be extravagant; it can be simple but fun. Do not forget that your first date is intended to get to know more about your date. Choose first date activities that would not pressure you to talk too much such as dinner date. At the same time avoid doing things that would not allow you to talk enough too just like a movie date. Your first date must include fun activities like going to a sports event, an art show or visiting the museum. Such first date activities will provide you endless conversation topics too.

Your first date does not need to take place during night time only. It could also happen during the day on a weekend. So that if you enjoy each other, it is a lot easier to extend your date until night time. Your first date does not mean that you it should be expensive. A simple date is accepted as long as it is fun and enjoyable. It will be more convenient for both of you to meet at the location of your first date.

The Big Day

After the painstaking planning and preparation of your first date; it is time for the big day. For guys, bringing flowers for your date or any small token is a good first move and you will never fail on this first dating tips too. Although some guys think that it is too old fashion; it will give her the impression that you are a gentleman and chivalry is not dead. Women would appreciate it if you hold the door for her; this gesture never fails to amaze women.

Make sure that you are properly groomed and dressed appropriately during your first date. Poor hygiene and shabby clothes will make her think that you cannot take care of yourself. Remember that no one is ever attracted to someone who talks nothing about themselves too. Again, your goal is to get to know each other; you cannot do that if communication is just one sided. Make sure that you choose the right topics and ask the appropriate first date questions to have a good conversation.

You are going to be judged by your date based on what she sees in you on your first date. Your first date is your one and only chance to create a positive first impression. Butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms and forehead are normal occurences during first date. To lessen the first date jitters, make sure that you know what to do on first date as well as the things that you should not do.