You've at last asked that gorgeous woman on a date and she actually agreed! But don't get too comfortable just yet due to the fact now it's time for the tough part. No matter no matter what initial interest she might have, you will still have to take some time to plan out your first date accordingly. First dates are a spring of anxiety for many, but with a bit of planning you can get a great possiblity to get to know one another. You may have an urge to go all-out and impress her socks off, but sometimes you simply need a good date destination, and you can let your traits do the rest.

The lady would love you to be in charge, rather than ask her what she wants to do. What she wants to do is whatever you took the time to plan for the evening. Do not dishearten her. Make the effort so that the only thing she has to do is enjoy herself.

Now that that is established, you want to know yourself what to do on a first date. However, there are lots of options, a quiet restaurant should not be one of them. The silence within the establishment will translate into tongue-tied moments where the two of you think you should say something smart, but neither of you should be able to think of anything to say. 

After the food was served, one of you may begin to feel embarrassed about the other one having the capacity to hear you eat. The strain will become nearly intolerable, and the gauche throat clearing will sound very loud. If you choose to take her out to a restaurant, take her to a lively place where you can both point out the various foibles of some of the patrons. This breaks the ice and lightens the mood, and all of the sound from the action will ensure there are no ill at ease and silent moments.

For those who have your own place, invite her over for a dinner that you will cook. This gives her a chance to check out your house, and draw a few more optimistic opinions of you. You will feel calm, because you are at home and more of your personality will come out in a natural manner. If you are not a good cook, that does not matter. 

Following the great meal, or lousy meal, taking a walk around the neighborhood is the ideal evening topper for a first date. There are no awkward pauses in conversation, because there is something happening around you the whole time. There is always something to comment on during a walk together, and you will be surprised by how much you learn about each other after just a few blocks.

This is what you should avoid doing. Do not worry about whether she will be insulted if you act like a gentleman and open doors for her. Men who worry over that are perceived as weak. Be chivalrous, by all means. Open doors, pull out chairs, and when you drop her off at her house, do not leave until you see that she is safe inside. Acting like a gentleman is first on the list of what to do on a first date.

So you don't have to try too hard or make a connection if it just isn't there. With one of these tips in mind and a little luck, you will be on the right path to that coveted second date.