Covered with a bundle of nervousness and fired up expectation, you do not want to discover yourself gripping for first date conversation starters when you are there, face-to-face with that individual who could possibly be your lifelong soul mate. Often those topics that achieve the very best conversations between you and the new sales contacts, as well as between you and a new friend are the very ones that will win over a first date. After all, a relationship without friendship is not really a good relationship to be in. When you wonder what you ought to discuss on a first date, consider what you should say to a good friend.

First Date Tip #1 Imagine that you have your date’s shoes if you'll. Consider those activities that you'd enjoy having noticed about you and what topics you'll want avoided. Generally any topic you can think up has its pros and cons for using on a first date. You have no clue what this person is like. Maybe she has not spoken to her family in five years, or maybe he is trying to start fresh after that mistake that got him arrested. It is truly in the way that you ask the questions. You should have a genuine interest in both the answers to the questions and the feelings of the person you are asking them to. You do not want to blast off twenty questions interrogation style. This is an important first date tip.

First Date Tip #2 Many of us are shy in one way or some other or at one time or another. It is natural. Shyness is when we fear the results of our actions and are paralyzed to the extent that we cannot do what we would like to do. In dating, this becomes an acute issue due to having to put ourselves well outside our safe place. We wish to retreat into our shell and protect ourselves as opposed to take on the 'dangers' of opening up to a stranger.

First Date Tip #3 Shyness represents many forms, from the inability ask someone on a date, never to being able to accept. We may battle to talk about ourselves or to talk to others. We may be too shy to make an approach, we may be too shy to make a first move or even later, to initiate a kiss, or to respond. Yet again, let me stress this is pretty common in the dating scene and leads to many miscommunications, bad signals and stress that people really wish to avoid.

First Date Tip #4 Sometimes while we are shy it is simply easier to avoid dating and say no to someone. It is easier to not approach the person we like and make excuses. If you notice someone you like at the bar you clearly want to introduce yourself but hope they make the first move. You can get Dutch-courage from having a few beers or wines which will permit you to be confident. So overcoming shyness is usually a matter of confidence by degrees.

First Date Tip #5 Being shy as a woman is often a beautiful quality, and the right kind of confident guy will take you gently out of your shyness and open the situation up. For a man however, shyness can be a debilitating issue that has to be dealt with in order to succeed. The first question to ask yourself is what is it you are shy about? Almost always the first reply is fear of rejection. A person wants to become successful in his approach and for many guys, they learn that a girl saying no is all part of the game. They learn to deal with negative responses and realize that it is a numbers game. Some will say no, others are dying to meet him.

As being a guy recall the lesson that ladies like confident men. As a woman you are already way ahead of the guys because it is their task generally in the future over to you. Open yourself up to these techniques and while you might say no, allow men to talk to you and allow yourself to be flattered too. After all, you may go home alone, but you will also know that that was by just choice.