By simply looking at the signs, you would know whether or not it is one of those great 1st dates. These signs are indication if there will be a second date or none; on first dates there are several types of emotions involved. Thus, it would be hard to know if your date enjoyed spending time with you or not. But there are some telltale signs that you should be aware of to know if there is indeed a chance for a repeat date.

Positive anticipation and excitement to get to know the person is one of the indications of great 1st dates. The feeling of excitement can be felt if you are finally meeting the person that you have been exchanging messages and chats over the internet or via phone. During first dates it is accepted to feel a bit nervous; however you must remember that this is just the first stage and there are no commitments involved yet. Learn to control your anxiety and simply enjoy the initial stage without too much pressure.

Comfort and ease in your conversation is also another sign of great 1st dates. Although there may be some awkward moments within the first few minutes of meeting; a simple smile or joke can break the ice. As you talk with one another, you may discover that you and your date are similar in many ways. You may have talked about almost everything during your online chat or emails, but seeing each other face to face is still very much different. You or your date may still find it hard to talk to you comfortably during your date. But there is some information or discoveries that you may find irritating and may somehow offer a very slim chance on second date.

There is natural curiosity and mutual admiration between you and your date as you get to know more about one another. As you discover new things about your date; you can decide whether you see a future romantic relationship with her or not. A first date is the first step and first opportunity to get to know each other. It is your chance to discover the kind of sense of humor she has or what type of attitude does she have towards other people. The body language will tell whether your date is really interested with you or simply faking it.

Finally, if the first date ends perfectly then there are a good chance that you may hit it off or not. A good sign that you both have a great time when neither of you find it difficult to end the night because there seems to be so many things that you want to talk about. But sometimes you may feel that your date is trying to speed up things or making silly excuses. Just be honest to yourself and your date whether you were really attracted to her or not.

First dates can become a start of good relationship. If you feel that you really want to have a second date, then you should take the first move to either call or email within the next 2 to 3 days after your first date. There is a good chance of getting a second date if any of the signs of great first dates are observed.

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