Great first date activities will allow you and your date to get to know each other. You may want to find out a couple of things about your date and later on decide if you want to get to know more. However, it is always difficult to figure out on what activities to do during your first date. Do you need to splurge just to impress your date or a little creativity will do the trick for you? As much as possible you want to veer away from the typical first date activities, so you need to think out of the box.

The park is one of the most romantic venues for your first date outings; it offers a comfortable and laid-back environment. You can enjoy a walk through the park, have a picnic or talk while sitting under the tree. You can have quality time together without spending so much money. Going to the park is not pricey but it does not look cheap too, in fact it is a romantic first date idea.

In the list of great first date activities, you will also find riding on trains, trolleys and buses. The idea of this first date activity is to get lost during the course of your conversation and end up going all over the city. You may want to stop somewhere if you want to grab something to eat or you see something interesting. Try to find something unique that will make your first date memorable for both of you.

Have your first date at the outdoor markets, this could be her first time to go to an outdoor market. There are just so many things that you will discover,hence you will not run out of things to talk and laugh about. Since your first date would entail a lot of walking, you may get your chance to hold her hands while walking. Observe whether your date is too tired or the heat is no longer tolerable because you might blow off your chance for second date. You can take a break in one of those restaurants or cafe to grab a bite and still continue to talk about so many things.

The water parks, lakes, beaches and rivers are some of the fantastic ideas for first date outings. You can sit comfortably and close to each another while your toes are in the water. If ever you decide to go during daytime, do not forget to bring sunscreen; however if it is an evening date a mosquito spray will help a lot. You will surely impress your date because you have everything prepared and planned. Bring some refreshments too and do not forget your picnic blanket and some towels in case you need them.

The time and setting of your first date is not quite important as long as you know how to transform a simple dating idea into a memorable one. In fact your date would feel very important if she learns that you are actually sharing the things that you truly enjoy with her. You also must be very attentive to her needs and take time to listen to what she shares with you. If lady luck is on your side, you might have the chance to have a second date most especially if you followed any of the great first date activities.

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