First date jitters are often caused by the pressure to look interesting, to ask the safest questions on first date and most of all to avoid making a fool out of yourself. There is no way that you can escape first date jitters no matter how long have you been dating other girls. A smooth conversation is the best way to eliminate the jitters. The silence between the two of you during your date can make you say something that you are not really suppose to say during first date.

If you want to keep the conversation between the two of you to flow smoothly; you have to be ready with safe topics and questions on a first date. There are several topics that will help you go through your first date conversation. Among the safe topics that you can talk about with your date would include the following:

The pickup lines. She heard a lot of those pickup lines whether they are good or bad pickuplines. Maybe she can give you an example on the good pickup lines and the bad ones that she have heard. When you talk about this topic, you will get to know what kind of sense of humor she actually has. You will also know what type of jokes or humor you are not going to try on her or any other women.

Unforgettable dates but not unforgettable relationships. It is not really advisable that you talk about your long-term girlfriends or past relationships with your current date. Share your funny date experiences or your blind dates blunders too. This will make the atmosphere light and will certainly help break the ice.

The world around you. You can talk about the latest news and current events if you want to have an intellectual type of conversation. However, you have to make sure that you have an idea on what you are talking about. Do not talk about things that you are not really familiar with, a little knowledge is dangerous. Do not talk too much about politics because you may end up in an argument instead of good conversation.

Family members and friends. If the topic is about her girl friends or family members; that will surely keep her interested. She would be very eager and excited to share with you things about her friends and family. You can ask her questions like how she met them, where they usually hangout and the mischievous things that she and her friends are always up to. If you ask her about family, and she mentioned something about dysfunction or divorce then you can veer away from the subject.

The things she likes. You may want to know what she does for fun; this will give you a hint on what to do in case you will have a second date with her. You can ask her about the things she loves to do and how she spends her weekends. If you know that she is into sports, you can talk about it too. Knowing what she likes and what interests her will help you gauge her tastes on various things.

The secret to a successful first date is to focus on your date and not anything or anyone else. If you know more about her, there will be lesser chance on saying things that may offend her. Let the conversation between the two of you to flow naturally because this may turn out to be a first date that you will always remember. Make sure that you are armed with safe topics and questions on a first date.