First dates are often awkward, you need to have good questions to ask on first date in order to break the ice. If you have good first date questions to ask, you will be able to get to know more about the person across the table from where you are seated. But there are several instances when first date questions become a deal breaker. Thus, they commit an irreparable slip-up because the questions asked are either too personal or were quite impolite

There are certain topics or questions that you cannot just ask your date. Nonetheless, if you know the polite ways to ask questions with deeper and yet unspeakable meaning; then you will be able to gauge the personality of your date. But before you plunge in to those types of questions, begin by asking random or even funny questions in which most people are comfortable discussing it in public.

Random Questions to Ask on First Date:

What keeps you busy? What is your work?

What is your work all about? What makes you enjoy your work?

What do you do during your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

Where are you from?• What is something interesting about you that you would like to share with me?

These are basic questions that your date can easily answer. This type of question are proven to be good conversation starters, it will help remove the awkward silence over your table as you wait for your meal to be served. When your conversation starts to flow smoothly, you can ask some more questions that will enable you to learn more about your date.. Of course, you will need another set of good first date questions to ask to learn more about your date.

What is your ideal relationship?

What is something that you regret doing in the past?

How did you handle your first heart broken?

Is there a book or movie that made a great impact on you?

What is the most annoying thing that someone can ever do to you?

Questions pertaining to relationships will somehow give you an idea about her expectations in a relationship. Besides her expectations about the relationship, it will also give you a clue on what she can do for her partner in return. The question about heartbreak is one of those questions that is answered very honestly.

As mentioned earlier, there are some things that your date may not find very comfortable to discuss in public. As they say, curiosity killed the cat; you do not want to ruin your first date by asking inappropriate or questions that are rather personal. You really want to find out about your date’s beliefs, values, and goals in life and get to know her deep down the core.Let's say, you really want to know if your date will go to bed with on your date- do not directly ask her about it. Simply ask her this question: “Do you like the taste of beer?” In many casual conversations, you would normally hear that people who likes the taste of beer is the best predictor if your date had sex on the first date. Beer lovers are more likely to sleep with someone that they have just met.

You can research for more questions to ask on first date that will give you a chance to get to know your date in a deeper level. But avoid being too analytical with her answers, she might get suspicious. Once you have learned something about her personality and character, you can decide whether you will invite her for a second date or not. You have to know what type of date you are looking for. Communication is a two-way street- you must not forget this very important first date conversation tip. Your date may also have some questions to ask on first date, and you must allow her to do that- share something about yourself too.