If you are a dating single and you wish to do one of those non alcoholic date ideas, then steer away from going to bar or club when dating. Sometimes taking alcohol on a date would hide or show your date's true personality. Most dates would involve alcohol drinking and has become very common but in some instances it may turn your date into a real disaster. Thus, it is better to plan a date that would not include any alcoholic drink. These dating ideas may seem to be old-fashioned but you would surely have a wholesome time together.

Dining without Alcohol Drinking

It is end your dinner date with a bottle of wine but you may opt for alternative drinks instead of consuming alcohol. You can cook for your date rather than dine in fancy restaurant. You won't need to spend much money aside from the fact that she would appreciate all your efforts too. But if you cannot cook very well then you can just invite her for a nice and quiet time at a coffee shop.

Plan an Outdoor Activity

Non alcoholic date ideas that you can enjoy is an outdoor activity date. You may want to do the things that you have always wanted or something that is interesting for you or your date. A date that is more extreme or adventurous than the usual dinner date; it could be something like rock climbing.

Enjoy Kiddie Activities Once Again 

Why not reminisce your childhood by doing things you enjoy when you were a kid. Bring your date in a video arcade and practice your video gaming skills against her, but make sure that you do not beat her all the time. Miniature golf course seem to be an easy thing to accomplish, you can try whether you have a chance on becoming the next Tiger Woods. You may not have the driving skills of Michael Schumacher but that should not stop you and your date from riding one of those bump cars.

Quiet Walk under the Moonlight

It is considered as one of the most romantic date ideas to stroll in the moonlight. It is certainly romantic to hold hands and gaze at the stars as you talk about so many things. You may even get to steal a sweet kiss under the moonlight. The romantic ambiance will make her knees feel weak.

Go to Carnivals or Street Display Fair

This is definitely one of the cool first date ideas that you can do. It is like reliving your childhood days where you get to enjoy crazy rides and pig out on foods such as hotdogs and other junk foods. This is a good way to gauge your date’s capability to handle silliness and how she can deal with the crowd. This type of date is definitely fun and a real clean fun too because there is no alcohol involved.

You and your date can have fun without consuming any alcoholic drink during your date. There are just so many dating ideas that you can do without the need for alcohol. Even though drinking alcohol may soothe and calm your nerves to remove the first date jitters; it should not always be that way. If you have consumed too much alcohol you may be put in a very compromising situation, to avoid such then simply consider these non alcoholic date ideas.

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