Conducting a job interview is very much like dating because you must know which first date questions to ask in order to achieve your purpose. There are times that men tend to ask unappealing and not-so-intelligent question. First date conversation is something that men should learn to master to have a memorable and successful date. Knowing the questions to ask is not enough, in fact it is much better to know which first date questions you should not ask.

Avoid asking your if she likes you or you are her kind of guy. This is a major turn-off and it seems like a very desperate question too. By merely looking at her body language, you would know if she enjoys spending time with you or not. Asking about dating status is not something that you should do on your first date. Just in case you are getting confused because she sends mixed signals; asking her the question if she likes you, should be your last resort.

"What sort of men do you go out on date with?" - this is another inappropriate question to ask your date. It may seems like you are willing to do everything to meet her standards so that you are worthy to be her date. Even though you do not actually intend to please her by changing who you are, you will sound desperate by asking such question. You would not want to start your first date in wrong foot by asking inappropriate and unappealing questions.

Never ask your date on what are the qualities is she looking for in her future partner. That is if you do not want to make your first date to turn out like one of those therapy sessions. Asking her about her ideal partner is really not a good idea if your aim was to flirt a little and create a romantic conversation. This question belongs only to girls’ heart-to-heart talks and not on a first date conversation.

It is another inappropriate question to ask your date what she wants to do on your first date. It would appear like you were not enthusiastic in planning your first date because of this very passive question. It was you who asked her out, she is expecting that you have everything well-planned and prepared. Show a little confidence by informing her that she is in good hands whenever she is with you.

"What do you want to do next time?" is not something that you should ask on your first date. It is quite not appropriate to plan your second date even if your first date is not yet over. In some cases, women who have learned that their date is really interested in her may take the men for granted. Make her wonder whether you are going to give her a call and invite her out again.

It is very important to know the do's and don'ts in dating in order to have a successful first date. Be aware of the first date etiquette to prevent yourself from committing mistakes that you might truly regret. It is not enough that you know the perfect date outings to make your date successful. This can be your one and only chance to start a romantic relationship; do not ruin it by not knowing what first date questions to ask.