Usually first dates happen to young people, not all of them know what to do hence it is important to have first date tips and list of first date questions ready. It is normal to feel nervous about the whole first date idea because there are so many things to take care of. You are placed in an awkward situation thus you tend to ask questions the wrong way.

If you go out on a date, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be in love with the person. Most especially for the not-so-young people; first date happen when you one to get to know a person. This is actually the main purpose of first dates; it gives an opportunity for you and your date to get to know each other better. Hence, it is essential to ask the right first date questions to achieve your goal.

Some guys are very much confident and comfortable to talk about themselves. You have to remember that first date is not all about you.. In fact, your questions should focus about your date. If she is interested to get to know you, she will also be asking you questions to get to know you better. Do not elaborate too much on your answer to her questions unless she asked you. You should be able to know her interests and what makes her happy. Nonetheless, do not ask questions which are too serious. It is much better to ask fun and relaxing questions such as:

"How was your day?" - This simple question is really a good way to start a conversation. It will also give your date a chance to talk more about her and your attention is focused on her too. Her answers could be a good basis of her true personality and the way she talks will also tell you her real persona. For instance, she kept on complaining that it was a bad day for her then you can easily tell that she is probably a pessimistic person. However, if despite the bad things that happened to her before your date and she still maintains a happy disposition; it could mean that she is an optimistic individual.

"Do you have any pets?" - Majority of people have their own pets and they love to talk about them. If both of you are pet lovers; you will most probably enjoy talking about this topic. This question is so relaxed and she may even have endless of stories about her pet and you will surely have fun time the rest of your date. When she replied that she does not have a pet, then you can simply ask her why not. You still end up with a good topic for your first date conversation whether or not she has a pet.

"What do you usually do for fun during your spare time?" - This is one of the first date questions that will allow you to check whether or not you have something in common in terms of hobbies and interests. If she is into a sport activity that you like then you will certainly have a good conversation throughout your date. You can exchange ideas and stories about the thing that you have in common. If you know here interests, it is much easier to tell what type of personality she has. At this early stage you can easily tell whether or not you have a good future together.

First date could actually become your first step to a happy relationship with her. Or it could serve as a door that you can shut if you think there you do not have a good future together. It is quite challenging to keep the conversation flowing smoothly during your first date. Thus, you need to prepare good first date questions to ask to prevent awkward silence during the date.