Unfortunately, fun first date nerves is always there and do not go away with age.Sometimes it could even get worse because as guys mature they are expected to know everything regarding first date. The truth of the matter is that there are really no rules regarding first dates. Nonetheless, provided here are some bits and pieces of advices to help guys get on a good start.

Primarily, when going out on your first date, you need to mindful on your proper grooming and hygiene.

To begin with, if you are going out on a date whether it is a first date or not you need to be well-groomed. The out-of-the-bed look is definitely a big No especially on your first date. As much as possible you should look and smell good whenever you are out on a date. Taking a shower is a must! You need to shave and wear clean clothes too. Your lifestyle is reflective on your physical appearance; so if you look messy it could imply that you cannot take care of yourself.

Choose the right location for your first date to make it more special. Do not assume that your date will be thrilled on the usual movie and dinner kind of first date. Watching movie for two hours is not a good idea to get to know more about one another. Be creative and imaginative to make your date say that you have used your brains to make the first date special. The last thing you would want to hear from your date is being called as the guy who lacks imagination.

Remember that when it comes to footing the bill, it is your responsibility as the guy who asked for a date. Politely turn down her offer of splitting the bill in case your date suggested it. However, if she still insists in doing so; you can just allow her to pay whatever she wants. Do not mention anything about splitting the bill during your date or when you asked her out. You would know pretty well whether your date only feel obliged to pay for the bill.