You can talk about a lot of topics during your first date. Talk about on how your date went through or simply share with her your interests. Did it occur to you that there are certain things that you cannot discuss about on your first date? Yes! You definitely not want to ruin your date by talking to her about these things:

•    Your ex-girlfriends. It is not proper to speak about your ex to your current date. It does not matter whether you are sharing with her good, bad or terrible memories. Focus on your current date and do not talk about your past relationships.

•    Your dates prior to her.. Remember that she is the queen of the night! Talking about the date you had with another girl within the past week will not do you any good. Keep your attention glued to her and do not say anything about other girls.

•    Any health issues or medical concerns.. You do not need to lie about your injuries, defect or illnesses but talking about it on your first date is not the type of things you would want to speak about. Most girls want to date someone who is healthy and strong.

•    Political ideals and religious views.. These two are not always good topics to talk about. Different folks, different strokes so you may not agree on these two topics.You can casually mention it to her but do not force the topic or issue down to her throat. It is much better to avoid such topics because there are other things to talk about.

•    Talk about explicit sex.. No matter how hot and sexy she is, talking about explicit sex can make or break your first date. You can save the sexy talks and hot adventures on the later part of your relationship. It is definitely not part of what to talk about with a girl on your first date.

•    You, you and you. Do not waste her time by making her listen to all the things you do and the things you hate. You can share a little information about yourself but talking about yourself the whole time is a big turn off. You have to focus on her and listen to what she says. Your date will surely get bored if all she did was to listen to your blabbering and yakking.

A great first date conversation is not something that is difficult to achieve. If you know how and what to talk about with a girl, then your conversation will flow smoothly. Simply put your attention to her and you can talk about her feelings, thoughts and sentiments.. By doing this, you will have a great chance to go out with her for a second date.

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