It is important to have an incredible first date ideas to have an unforgettable and successful date. Both parties should set out with one goal in mind: have fun. While it may be tempting to size up a first date for marriage potential, long-term relationship possibilities or sexual compatibility, it is best to remember that a successful first date has capitalized on what happens in the moment. The future is some distant place that the two of you may never reach together. First date will always be a moment that both of you will remember, whether it turned out great or bad.

Here are few first date ideas that will enable you to get to know her better:

First date tip #1: BE TRUTHFUL

social media and various dating sites paved way for people to use fake identities and lie about their personality. Many people thrive on becoming the person they think their dates are looking for. The painful outcome of this habit is that the truth always surfaces. It is best not to lie about previous experiences, pretend about personal preferences or try to hide ex-spouses or children. When the truth does come to light, you will be seen as a liar and not an authentic, flawed, likeable human being.

First date tip #2: KEEP IT FUNNY

Among first date ideas, humor ranks just as high as honesty. Not only does it break the ice with your date, but it hedges away nervousness that you may be feeling, too. Stay away from scripted jokes or contrived anecdotes, though. There is a likelihood that you will feel awkwardness if you are not successful with your punch lines. Share a common event that can exude a funny moment for both of you. Stay away from politics and religion, too. Both subjects can become heated and controversial very quickly. Don't force your way of life or philosophy on her.

First date tip #3: ASK QUESTIONS

If you want to know more about your date, ask simple, straightforward questions like, where he grew up, how she learned to do glass blowing, what his favorite foods are, what color dress she cannot bear to see herself in. It is important not to get too personal or intrusive. Pay attention to the body language your date gives when talking. If you observed that she is not comfortable, change the routine or topic.

First date tip #4: BE COURTEOUS 

Some things should go without saying on a first date, but experience has taught most of us it is still necessary to say them: A good rule of thumb is to do the things that would make your parents and your children proud. Present yourself as a genuine and sincere man.


Everyone has a personal comfort zone when it comes to touching and getting close. A first date might not be the best time for long embraces or extended hand-holding. An important first date tips is to be sensitive on the feelings and beliefs of your date. You have be very attentive to know what your date seems to be comfortable doing.