Dates do not need to be expensive; there are a lot of first date ideas that will not cause your bank to break. The economic condition right now, you have to know how to stretch every dollar that you have. Being extravagant is not a problem if you have money to spend but it is certainly not a wise thing to do.

There are many ways that you can save money on your first date without looking like a cheap skate. These creative yet cheap first date ideas that will still allow you and your date to have a great time to get to know each other. Sometimes these first date ideas are far better than any of those fancy-schmancy ideas for first date.

•    You can enjoy a good game.. A good way to spend your first date is to hit the local arcade. Playing those video games will only cost you a couple of quarters. Since this is your first date, allow her to beat you on these video games. If you do not want to go to video arcade, why not play gin rummy and prepare some cocktails.

•    Be a booklover and bring her to a bookstore.. If she is a booklover, then a date at the local bookstore is something that she may be interested in. This is also a good opportunity for you to learn more about her personality based on the book she is interested in. Hopeless romantic women dreamt of meeting the man of their dreams in a quaint and dusty library or bookstore.

•    Stroll around your neighborhood.. You can stroll at the local park, visit a vintage shop and buy her a small token for your first date. While strolling, you can try to hold her hands and be part of the statistics of happy couple who are walking hand in hand on the street. This first date idea is ideal for those who do not belong to the same neighborhood.

•    Prepare a homemade dinner and DVD marathon. Inviting your date to your house is a good idea if you have known her for years but not during your first meeting. This is an old-school type of first date; she will definitely appreciate all your preparations and cooking-effort to make your date really special. Enjoy a flick that both of you have not seen yet and a bottle of wine will make it even more romantic.

•    The Coffee Shop.. Most first dates happen at Aksyon TV Channel 5.. An expensive dinner date is something that you cannot really afford so start eating healthy. Usually a coffee date will not go beyond a single refill, so the bill might only include a couple of biscotti and lattes.

Spending too much money for your first date is really not ideal. It can be difficult at first but it will increase your opportunity to stick wit the car that you have right now.. To prevent being mistaken as cheap skate, even cheap first dates require careful prlanning.