It is accepted to heed some first date tips especially if you have not gone out for quite a long time. It is normal to feel nervous during first date because you want create a positive impression about yourself. But nobody is perfect, you are prone to commit mistakes during your first date. There are first date blunders they may entirely ruin your chance for a second date..

Poor personal hygiene and sloppy appearance. You need to dress up appropriately, you cannot go on a date in fancy restaurant wearing your favorite jeans and tee. However, if you plan to take her to a classier restaurant, then a clean pair of jeans, a buttoned shirt and a nice pair of shoes will do the trick. Excellent personal hygiene is a must! Nobody would want to go out with a guy who forgot to take a shower or use his deodorant. Before going out on your first date, better make sure that you brush your teeth and you look clean and fresh. You should not overdo in wearing your favorite manly cologne.

If you are going to have a dinner on your first date, do not leave your table manners at home. Do not devour your food and act like you have not eaten for days. Do not forget what your parents taught you, never talk when your mouth is full. Do not open your mouth when you chew your food. Picking your nose in front of your date, or burping and farting are not part of good table manners.

First date conversation is vital for the success of your first date. You should not do all the talking, it should be a two-way street. A lady would not spend the rest of her night listening on what you have to say about yourself. Make sure that you listen to what your date is saying in order to have a good conversation. If you keep on talking about yourself the whole evening, rest assured that your date would immediately want to get rid of you.

On the other hand, do not be such a bore too! You should know how to keep the conversation flowing smoothly to keep her interested. However, you should avoid asking her questions similar to what she will encounter if she is applying for a job. This is your chance to show her that you are an interesting individual.

Chivalry is not dead. Simple things such as opening the door for her or pulling out a chair would be very much appreciated by any woman. These niceties will be acknowledge by your date. Rudeness will break the camel's back so to speak. If you are with your date, do not use your phone to text or call someone. It is quite rude to check your phone every now and then while you are out with another girl; this may signal that you are not really interested in her.

There is no reason to tell her about your material possessions, it will give her the impression that you are just trying to show her off. You will not impress your date by talking about your numerous cars but you would not even make an effort to pay for your bill. You will appear to be a big liar if you boast about your possessions and you do not exert an effort to pay the bill for your dinner date. Chances are she will spread the news to her friends about your bad attitude and that you are cheapskate. Plus the fact that she may avoid you like you have a contagious disease.

Although your date may show signals that she wants you, do not rush into things. First date is not the appropriate time to talk about intimate stuff. It is best to save this type of topic on your succeeding dates. You would not want to give her the impression that you are a maniac; and she would end up calling her friend asking for help.

These first date guidelines may help you increase your chance to have a repeat date. Generally, the things provided in this article are not part of the characteristics of any ideal guy. Do not promise to call her if you do not intend to.