First date outings is not just about having dinner in a fancy restaurant or about watching one of those feel-good movie; and of course getting a good night kiss if the girl had a great time. Dating is about having fun and coming up with fantastic ideas to have a great time. Make your first date interesting by coming up with cool first date ideas; for a chance to get a second date. Dating is a getting to know you process but in a fun and exciting way. The venue of your first date should not be strained; it should provide a relaxing atmosphere.

A guy has the tendency to feel jittery as they try to create a positive impression, to make sure that girl would like him. As you try to exert effort to come up with a good image, you forget the fun part of dating. A good first date would require a certain amount of creativity; you need to find an interesting place to go. An interesting venue for your first date would easily spark a smooth conversation and you would not run out of things to talk about.

The coffee shop offers a quiet and relaxing ambiance which is perfect for the first date. This holds true if you already find your date very interesting and would like to really get to know her better. Make sure that you show your date how gentleman you are by holding the door for her, pulling the chair out and by making sure that you pay the bill. A date at a coffee shop is a lot cheaper if you compare it to a dinner at fancy restaurant.

Another inexpensive way but definitely fun first date is going to the park. You can hold her hands while walking or sit under the tree to have a small conversation. Who knows you may be even lucky to get your first date kiss under the tree. An outdoor date is somehow dependent on the weather, so it is better to check the weather forecast for the day.There are just so many things that you can do if you choose to have an outdoor first date.

Go to the mall with your date and tell her to help you find an ugly shirt. If she chooses one, you can use your cheesy one-liner such as: “I never thought you had a great style and sense of taste in fashion”. Be playful in delivering those one-liners but make sure that your date would not feel offended too. A date at the mall may not appear to be as a romantic first date; however if you know to how make it creative it can be a successful first date too.

You can either try any of these ideas or combine them to come up with a memorable first date. Your goal is to have fun on your first date and not anything else. Do not think about the second date yet, because you will definitely have one if your girl had a wonderful time with you. You can get the positive impression just by being yourself and enjoy the time with her. To have a memorable date, you can follow any of these suggestions on first date outings