Valentine's Day is something to look forward to for most couples and it is just a few days away. If your budget is tight, does it mean that you can no longer enjoy this special day with your special date? Well, the truth is the lack money should not stop you from coming up with romantic first date ideas for Valentine’s Day. In fact, there are numerous first date ideas that would not require you to spend so much money. But it will still make your Valentine’s Day feel extra special.

Cook a dinner for two in your own home. A dinner date is the most popular romantic first date ideas. If this is your first Valentine's Day date or this is your first date ever, she would definitely feel special with all the effort you have exerted. It is not a joke to create a romantic ambiance in your own home, complete with candlelight dinner and soft music. Your effort will be very much appreciated in preparing your Valentine's Day meal. Your fabulous home cooked meal would cost less than what you have to pay if you go to a restaurant.

Movie-marathon right in your living room. Usually, on Valentine's Day the movie houses are jam-packed and the same goes for most restaurants. Being surrounded with a lot of people inside a movie house does not seem to be a romantic idea at all. If you are not a good cook, you can just order from a restaurant and enjoy the movie right in your own home. Make sure that you go for wholesome movie, remember that this is your first Valentine’s date with her.

Enjoy the outdoor together. You can pack a picnic for your first Valentine’s date and take your date for a bike ride in a nearby park. Date at the park is one of the most romantic first date ideas that you can for your Valentine's Day date. Before you plan for a picnic date, make sure that you have checked the weather is perfect for a picnic date. You would not want to be soaking wet on your first Valentine’s Day date together.

Give her a poem and bring her to a poetry reading event. If your date loves poetry, she will definitely enjoy attending this type of event. Poetry reading events are normally free and this will give you something to talk about on your first date. You can bring her to a coffee shop after the event. A date at the coffee shop is much cheaper than a dinner date. You would not look cheap either.

Spend a quiet day at the beach. The beach provides a romantic ambiance and it is neither too private nor too crowded. Your first date conversation can be done while strolling the beach and collecting sea shells. Do not forget to bring beach towels so that you can go for a swim or snorkel. It will give her the impression that you have everything planned and prepared. Bring some snacks with you or a packed dinner. It will be romantic to eat dinner under the canopy of stars.

You do not need to have a deep pocket in order to enjoy your Valentine's Day date. Remember, it is not really a matter on how much are you willing to spend for the date but it is more on how you can make it special. A Valentine's Day date can become memorable with a bit of resourcefulness and creativity. A special date does not come with a price tag, you can be resourceful and find inexpensive yet romantic first date tips for Valentine’s Day that you will both enjoy and cherish.