You can always check the list of 20 fun first date ideas may become helpful if you are not sure on what your first date is going to be like. But you do not need to empty their wallets in order to have a great time. There are certainly a lot of first date ideas which are not pricey. In fact your woman would not even know that it was a cheap date. So there is no need to worry about looking like a cheapskate and your woman will surely have a wonderful time too.

First dates should not always be the traditional kind; you can always be unique and creative. A first date at a flea or night market is something that your date might not have experienced yet. But for sure it will be a night filled with laughter. It is because you will both enjoy going through some of the old stuff of other people, some of which are really odd.Visiting a thrift or vintage store is also included in the list of 20 fun first date ideas. You can set a $5 budget for each of you and choose an outfit for one another. Women love to dress up their men, and your date would surely find it challenging to find the perfect outfit for you. This is also a good opportunity for you to suggest that you go out on a second date. Simply tell her that on your second date, you should be wearing the groovy outfits that you bought on your $5 budget.

Another inexpensive but fun first date idea is going to a drive in; this is most likely the cheapest way to have a movie date. It is best to bring an SUV or truck rather than car to provide more space for your pillows and blanket as you get comfortable while watching movie. It is also much better if you buy your food before going to the drive in; just choose something that is not too messy. The available foods at the snack bar are expensive so in order to save money, buy your foods beforehand.

If you have a passion for cars, then you may want to bring your date to a car show. If she does not understand much about cars, then this is the best time for you to show your stuff. However, you have to make sure that you do not bore her with all the technical stuff about cars. Use this opportunity to show your personality and your interests as well.

You can also go to an art show or an opening of an art gallery. The art pieces can start an endless conversation with you and your date. Her interpretation to every art piece will also give you an idea regarding her personality. However, you need to exert some effort that your date remains interested with you and not just the art pieces that you see. Make sure that you brought with you some of your corny pickup lines to make her smile.

Although the economy may restrict you from spending too much money on unnecessary things, but it does not mean that you cannot go out on a date and have fun. You may not be able to bring her in a fancy restaurant on your first date but you can always make up for it on your next dates. So you have to make the most out of the time that you spend with her even if it is just a cheap date. If she had a enjoyable time with you, then there is a bigger possibility that you will have a chance for a second date too. Plan and prepare for the second date and you can still refer on the 20 fun first date ideas if you are unsure on what to do.

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