Nobody wants to experience bad first date, thus it is very important to carefully plan everything. Generally, guys are the ones who prepare and plan everything and they are the ones who are often stressed out. Guys want to keep everything simple and plain so they would rather stick to the conventional "dinner-and-a-movie" type of date; without knowing that it is not really a good first date idea.

Both of you may feel uncomfortable sitting in front of each other and very conscious on how you chew your food. Or you are quite reluctant to flash your sweetest smile because you are worried that food is stuck in between your teeth. There are a lot of possible scenarios that may become a major turn-off and you could not afford that because your aim was to impress your date. The main purpose of first date is to create a good first impression that could lead to a possibility of having a second date.

Aside from coming up with good first date conversation topics; it is also essential that you plan where to go and what you are going to do on your first date. To have a successful and memorable first date, then here are the things that you should avoid:

As much as possible do not eat messy foods. You would not want to end your first date covered with red sauce. No matter how much you enjoy eating the greasy and saucy foods, forget about them during your first date. Unless you want to know whether your date has a special talent in opening crabs and eating lobsters sans the mess.. Messy, greasy and saucy foods should not be part of the list of foods that you are going to eat on your first date.

Do not go to some cheap and shitty bars. She would not appreciate being surrounded by alcoholic middle-aged guys inside a depressing neighborhood bars. Make sure that the places where you plan to bring her have people of your same age. There are many bars which are suitable for you age and friendly on your budget too.

A movie or cinema date is not really a fun first date idea. There is nothing much to enjoy with a movie date because you are stuck together but you are not allowed to talk much too. Your two hours are spent with doing nothing and you even barely talk or look at each other too. Movie dates can be done during your second or succeeding dates but not on first dates.

Attending a wedding is not a brilliant idea for a first date. It is a good place where you can meet other single women and it is not a good idea to bring someone along. It is also not very romantic to dine on the banquet food. She may find it a little creepy going to a wedding on your first date and may even get the wrong idea about your commitment level too.

Do not bring her to your apartment on your first date. It is quite too soon for that! She may agree with you at first but eventually change her mind when the time comes. Do not rush into things yet especially if this is a blind date or this is your first time to meet her too.

Plan a first date that will allow you to have fun and communicate with each other too. You have to remember that you are not the only who is nervous, she is also feeling nervous too. You also need to be very attentive and listen carefully to any hint of second date ideas. It will spare you the worries of planning for your second date too. Avoid the bad first date ideas and you will surely have a successful and memorable first date.