Asian women exude a different kind of aura that makes them very attractive. It could be their long silky black hair, or it can also be their slim and petite bodies. The most beautiful Asian women possess a certain kind of innocence that makes men curious to get to know them more. There could be something beneath that timid and shy personality that is waiting to be unleashed. Here is a list of the most beautiful Asian women from various Asian countries.

From Vietnam: Tam Tit

In real life, her name is PhamThanh Tam and is considered as one of the most popular celebrity in Vietnam. Tim Tat was first seen wearing the traditional Vietnamese AoDai white long dress on the internet. It paved the way for this lovely Vietnamese girl to appear in different advertisements as well as music videos. She pursues a career in music and her songs are creating good impressions in the music industry in Vietnam.

From Cambodia: Koung Chansreymom

Aside from her beautiful face, she is also one of the most popular actresses in Cambodia. Her career started in 2009 and was featured a lot of times in different media like the print and internet. Although she is still quite young, she possesses one of the prettiest faces in her age. But she is definitely more than just a pretty face, she is smart and hard working ; hence a lot of guys fall in love with her.

From the Philippines: Angel Locsin

She is probably one of the busiest personality in her country. Aside from being a product endorser, she is also a good TV and film actress. Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to produce films and is also a budding fashion designer. She has achieve a lot of things which makes her at par from her contemporaries.

From HongKong: Isabella Leong

She has a Portuguese-English heritage and descendant of the famous Macanese family because of her father and her mother is Chinese. At the age of 12 she already started her modelling career. From modelling, she later on tried singing and then she eventually became an actress. From 2005 to 2007, she made a string of films. Until she landed a role in the American movie entitled "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor".

From Singapore: Fann Wong

Fann Wong is an actress, model and singer rolled into one, there is no doubt that she has one of the most beautiful faces in Asia. Aside from being an award-winning actress in her country, she is also the first Singaporean to break into Hollywood. Her first Hollywood movie was Shanghai Knights and she played the role of Chon Lin. Although she is already in her early forties, she still possesses one of the prettiest faces in Singapore.

From Taiwan: Shu Qi

Her real name is Lin Li-Hui and her stage name occasionally becomes Hsu Chi or Shu Kei. This beautiful Asian lady became involved in softcore movies in the early stage of her career. Despite of the conservative Chinese culture, she was able to gain popularity because of her natural talent in acting. She also became the ambassador of Frederique Constant and Paint-a-Smile Foundation in 2008. One of the projects that the foundation has accomplished was to transform the murals on the walls of Beijing Children’s Hospital specifically the Cardiology Department.

From Korea: Jun Ji-hyun

She starred in the romantic comedy movie: "My Sassy Girl" and became internationally popular because of this film. This movie became the highest grossing comedy film of all time in Korea. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and studied Theater and Film. Her first modelling stint started with Echo Magazine in 1997.

For India: Aishwarya Rai

She is an Indian film actress and model; and in 1994 she won the title in the Miss World Pageant. The media cited her as the "most beautiful woman in world" and was able to make over 40 Bollywood films. As a Bollywood actress, she had won several Best Actress award from various award giving bodies in Bollywood.

From Japan: Koyuki Kato

She started her modelling and acting career in 1995. She also appeared in several Japanese dramas. She is also the product endorser for the electronics company Panasonic. She played as a wife of a Samurai in her first internationally movie. It was the movie “The Last Samurai” which starred famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

Zhang Ziyi (China)

In the Chinese film industry, she is known as one of the Four Young Dan actresses. She already did a string of international movies and was able to work with renowned film directors. Her popularity widens to the West when she played major roles in the movies Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Rush Hour 2 together with another popular Chinese actor Jackie Chan. The international audience also witnessed her acting prowess in the movies Memoirs of Geisha and House of the Flying Daggers. These movies won her several nominations from Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA award too.