Dating Thai women does not involve perpetuating effort. You don't need to act differently from your personality. You should be yourself and put your best foot forward. One characteristic is manners. It is important for Thai women, Asians in general, that a man respects their woman. Mean and profane words should be avoided. If you have the habit of frequently complaining or trying to be the center of attention, these habits will not go over well with a Thai. Instead, present your best self without being boastful.Many women prefer being showered with enormous flattery. Thai women prefer modest men. Taking care of Thai woman is more than enough for them. You can show her your affection through giving of flowers or letters. However, material things are not appropriate for Thai women.

If you are not prepared for a serious relationship, you should not expect to meet her parents. Meeting family is not taken as casually as it often is amongst Americans. If she felt that you are not serious in the relationship, she will not bother introducing you to her parents. You need to do some research about their dating traditions and customs to postion yourself effectively.When you are trying to meet new women, there is an easy way to determine whether you have found a nice girl. 

Nice Thai girls who have only positive motives are not aggressive. If you are looking for a long-term commitment, you should consider their inner attributes. It is important not to settle with physical attraction. Do not flatter yourself when Thai women throw themselves at you, it is an indication that they are not into long term relationship. It is quite unusual for a girl to throw herself at you if she wants a long-term affair. 

It is typical for Thai women to settle for a traditional date such as dinner or watching movies. Typical lunch, dinner or movies are acceptable. Thai women are more inclined to have a modest date, which is memorable but not expensive. By not boasting about your money, a Thai woman will surely admire that.

Bringing a friend on a date is not usual to many from Thai culture. Be prepared for this possibility in advance, and respond in a pleasant way if it does occur. Once she settles with you, she will not anymore bring chaperone on your date.