A lot of Western guys dream about dating Japanese women because of their subdued personality. Most Western guys see Japanese women as submissive, soft-spoken and very timid. Japanese women prioritize their men; and would love to serve and please them too. Now let’s talk about reality. The “soft spoken” part is true-when you’re in public with her. It is somehow exaggerated to describe Japanese women as the submissive kind. To confront or debate with you in public is not part of Japanese women's nature; they think it is quite embarrassing to argue in public but behind closed doors is definitely a different story.Generally, these Japanese women will make good life partners however be prepared because they can really be very persistent and temperamental too.. Now let me give you some insights into their culture and some tips to help you navigate the tricky parts.

Guys are always the decision maker.

Japanese women expect their man to make the decisions. This is in contrast to the practice of Western guys wherein they often ask women about their opinion on almost everything. You need to remember this when you are dating Japanese women. Just spill out your plans and preparations to her. Japanese women expect their men to do this. After going out for sometime, she will not just silently go along with your every suggestions. She has her opinions, too.

When it’s time to get intimate, it’s also up to you to take the lead.It is not her style to make the first move. But if you’ve gotten her attracted to you, when you do make the first move you may be pleasantly surprised at how eager she is for sex.

Japanese women do not believe in public display of affection.It would make her a little uncomfortable if you kiss, hug or even hold her hands in public. Until such time she is comfortable with you, you need to spare her from being in the awkward situations and just all do the physical stuff when you are alone with her.

To be on time is something that you can do to get a good impression on her.

Japan must be the most organized, efficient society in the world. If you have a date with beautiful Asian women like Japanese, you must always be on time. You can arrive early during your date with her but never ever try to arrive late. Or else these Japanese women would immediately assume that she is not important to you or you lack the much needed preparation. Japanese women do not believe in being fashionably late.

Make sure that you look good and smell good too.

The saying that Cleanliness is next to Godliness that most of the hot Japanese women take by heart. Japanese women would always want to heve the beautiful aura when you go out with her in public, that means being presentable from head to toe.

Make sure that you get the mesage across that you are a good and responsible guy who is always organized.You’re not going to score any points by behaving like you don’t know what you want out of life. They don’t understand the concept of “slackers” or “finding your purpose in life.” Talk about your goals and ambitions. Be a man with a game plan.

Your home should reflect the fact that you are a clean, orderly person.. Never invite a Japanese woman into your home (or any female, for that matter) unless it’s extremely clean, most especially your bathrooms. Japanese women will ask your permission to use the bathroom to freshen up, so you need to make sure that it is clean. Few things will gross them out more than a dirty bathroom.

In doing these things, you have a big chance of success to create a positive impression about yourself. Cultural differences are really not an issue as long as you are open to learning each other’s customs and traditions. You can simply follow these things if you want to be successful in dating Japanese women.