Asian cultures have a less contemporary perspective on interactions compared to the West. It is fairly easy to promise a lot but on reflection, we might see the trouble and inconvenience of living up to our promises. Whenever you are dating Asian women, pledges should be withheld with extreme caution.

The fight for cultural acknowledgement is a fight that that will connect you, no matter what country you live in. There will be the racist comments that you'll have to deal with. The language boundaries, and the spite and glares of other women as you wander alongside one another. These things are like adhesive if you are mindful. Some people have a notion that Dating an Asian women is about dominance. This is a preposterous notion, probably manufactured by the narrow-minded bigot that we all come across from time to time. We are quick to judge too often. On the contrary, wonderful Asian women are not just stunning, they are also powerful.

Asian women are out spoken and revel in the prospect to speak their minds. Heaven aid you if you are on the receiving end. Nevertheless, the man is the head of the household. Many women in the Western world wish their man were more of a man sometimes. Of course, that doesn't mean dominance, it means a sharing of duty, and discerning the variations between man and women. If you are interested in meeting deserving Asian women and want to know how to build banter with girls in any situation, first I want to ask you one very important question:

When it comes to women, do you believe in abundance, or do you believe in scarcity? This is the key aspect that sets apart the “babe magnets” from the average, discouraged guys. Men who have a scarcity attitude believe that single, attractive Asian women are in very short supply. As a result, they feel they need to chase women especially hot Asian women, they try to impress them, and spend money. The moment they're into a girl, they'll do anything it takes to date them!

“Scarcity guys” are constantly getting strung up on one specific girl. And if the hot Asian woman rejects him or gives him the “I like you…as a friend” speech, he feels frustrated and depressed because he worries that these opportunities hardly ever come along. He tells himself that he "blew his big chance.” with a hot Asian woman.

Then, there are the guys who consider abundance. These fellas know that the world has provided us with an endless supply of fun, sexy, single Asian women. (Which is the fact, when you’ve got a healthy level of self-confidence and the abilities to match new women.) 

These guys know that where they reside, and the areas where they hang out, contain any number of wonderful options for having fun and meeting hot Asian girls. They know how to approach women and form connections with them. 

The "abundance attitude" guy knows there are practically an countless number of beautiful Asian women who want to be with him! For that reason, there is no rationale for him to worry about acquiring a hot Asian girlfriend right now, or stressing about whether a particular girl will ever return his phone call. 

In actuality, this community we live in is Packed with possibilities particularly if you possess the appropriate level of confidence and an comprehension of how to entice women (rather having to continually chase them).

The other part of having an abundance mentality is that YOU become “scarce” to women. In other words, you are not constantly available to them. 

Becoming a “scarce resource” to women indicates:

• You don’t give one woman all of your time and attention. You never act clingy or eager. This type of dude repels hot Asian women, because the men in their culture keep their inner thoughts in check. “Real” men in Asia don’t whine, or act desperate. 

• You don’t lavish gifts on her, or devote an unnecessary amount of money on dates. You know that having her meet you for coffee or drinks is much better for a first date than taking her out to an pricey dinner. 

• You’re not available to talk to her on the phone or speak on the internet anytime she is in the mood, or see her any night of the week that she’s totally free to see you.

As soon as you start meeting new and beautiful Asian women on a regular time frame and getting them enticed to you, and then restrict your availability so they don’t always have access to you, you'll be surprised by how much tougher they are going to work for your interest.

My rule of thumb with beautiful Asian women: When I’m spending moment with a girl, I give her my complete, undivided attention. I make her feel special. But when I’m not with her, she knows that I’m a occupied guy with things to do and business to handle. She’s not going to get a response every time she texts my phone to see what I’m up to. I make it clear to women that my time is valuable and constrained. (This also makes it easier to “juggle” a few different girls, if you wish to; they won’t complain about you not always being accessible, as long as you set up the fact that you are busy man.) The other benefit is that women will appreciate the time you do spend with them, because they know you have a lot of other things you could be doing. 

There’s a word that salesmen and marketers use, which is called "perceived value." This means is if you create the perception that your product is scarce and in short supply-whether it's true or not-people are going to want it that much more. With hot Asian women, you want to be the "scarce and valuable guy." The busier you appear to be, and the more active and intriguing your social life seems to be, the more value women will place on you 

If your woman calls you on the phone to chitchat, and you tell her you can only converse for a minute because you're heading out the door to a birthday celebration for your friend, she'll know that you've got other choices. You’re not the common lonely, over-eager guy who adheres to any woman who shows him fascination. Her jealous, competitive instincts might begin to tingle (she’s thinking, is this “friend” having the birthday party a woman?), but this is a good thing. If she perceives that you have a full social life that may involve other women, she’s going to want to earn you. 

I often tell girls that I need to go “take care of some business.” This delivers the message that I am a person who is moving ahead in life and is critical about my future; I won’t put significant work aside to talk ceaselessly on the internet or participate in useless back-and-forth texting. While the girl might protest a little about not being able to have my undivided attention, Asian women still respects a guy who is concentrated on his business and solidifying his future. It’s a future she will want to be a part of.